Four Reasons to Strengthen Surfaces through Metal Powder Coating in Preston, WA

If you are looking for a way to increase the longevity of metal surfaces on your property, look no further than metal powder coating in Preston, WA. What is metal powder coating? It is a popular and efficient type of finishing process that involves applying a fine, dry powder spray to a metal surface. Once the powder is applied and cured at a high temperature the coating becomes incredibly durable. The following are four reasons to use powder coating to protect your metal surfaces:

  • Powder coating is versatile. A wide range of metal items can be powder coated in a large variety of colors. Metals that can be powder coated include steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and more. Powder coating can be used on countless different household and business items, as well as on machinery. It provides you with a unique option to strengthen different types of metal items while giving your property a desirable look and finish.
  • Powder coating is durable. The strength of powder coated finishes is undeniable. Powder coating provides a high-quality finish that outlasts traditional coats of paint. Through powder coating, your metal surfaces will be resistant to moisture, chemicals, UV rays and extreme weather. Powder coatings are often used to strengthen metal surfaces of some of the most used and exposed pieces of property, because the finish has the ability to stand up to harsh elements and protect against damage from extended use.
  • Powder coating can extend the lifecycle of an object. Because powder coating is so durable, it has the potential to prolong the lifecycle of your property. The coating’s resistance to the harshest environments means the finishes on your property will be far less likely to scratch, peel, rust, crack and fade when compared to a traditional coat of paint. This is especially helpful for increasing the lifespan of frequently used metal items that have prolonged elemental exposure, such as motorcycle and car parts, handrails, outdoor staircases, signs, patio furniture, sculptures, decorative accessories, structural columns and more.
  • Powder coating is a green process. Powder coating is an environmentally safe finishing process, as it does not use any solvents, carcinogens or hazardous byproducts. The process does not include any costly waste disposal, because the powder overspray can be collected and reused for future projects. Any waste that does occur is not considered hazardous, and can be discarded in a landfill. The powder coating process is less wasteful overall and results in little to no unused product, as opposed to liquid paint, which yields a much lower efficiency rate.

For these reasons and more, powder coating has become an increasingly popular option for individuals who are looking to strengthen and protect their metallic property. If you would like more information on how powder coating can provide your property with a durable and decorative finish, consult an expert to learn more about your options. To speak with a trained powder coating professional or to receive an estimate for metal powder coating in Preston, WA, contact Powder Vision Inc. today.