The Elements of a Successful Powder Coating Shop in Preston, WA

Powder Vision, Inc. looks to provide comprehensive services in its powder coating shop in Preston, WA. However, a lot goes into preparing and maintaining a place where we can complete the process well and ensure your items remain protected. The following describes the elements required for a successful shop.

Building requirements

Like any business, we need to have the proper licensing. However, zoning is also important, as powder coating is an industrial activity. Since our work handles resins, curing agents, additives and pigments, running an at-home shop in a residential backyard is not allowed. Powder coating must be performed in properly zoned areas with adequate space and disposal opportunities.

Finding a location for a powder coating shop is the first step before completing an application for a business license. A business address is required to obtain a license, and part of the process also includes a declaration that all zoning rules are being followed. If the shop is opened in an inappropriate place, it risks losing its license.

Powder coating materials

Pigments and polymers are mixed at the shop as people order services. The color supply includes the basic shades of black, white, gray and cream. If a customer makes a special request as to color, shops are not allowed to mix and create customized colors. The shade will need to be ordered. Fortunately, the options for colors are pretty expansive and many shops are willing to share their catalogs with customers to help them make a choice.

Other supplies include solvents for cleaning items before powder coating and ground covers to keep the area clean from unintentional painting. Cover-ups and other accessories for workers are also maintained in good supply.


The tools of the trade are unique in powder coating. There are many options of spray guns available and the choice often depends on the type of job. Some operators even have a preferred brand or design of spray gun.

The shop will also contain incidental items including workbenches, vices and a tub that is used for keeping solvent. Shops also designate a drying area for freshly powder coated parts, which can also include a clothesline for hanging.

Spray booths are also an important addition. Their function is to control the spread of materials while powder coating. Some are designed for the operator to stand inside as smaller items are powder coated. These booths are ventilated to release fumes during application. Others are designed so operators stand outside and handle parts through a window or small door. These have the benefit of ensuring more product ends up on parts than on the operator.

A final key piece of major equipment includes the curing oven. Sometimes, this is a household oven with a heat shield over the elements. Heat can leak from elements and increase the time required for curing. For that reason, some shops decide to invest in commercial models instead.

Powder Vision, Inc. prides itself on being a full service powder coating shop in Preston, WA. Give us a call when you want an estimate for your next project.