Choose Powder Coating Services in Preston, WA Over Spray Painting

How many items over your lifetime have you spray painted? Probably too many to count, especially because many of those items you spray painted for the second or third time. The reason for this is pretty simple—spray painting provides a light coating that wears off over time, especially when facing any sort of wear and tear from weather or chemicals. It gets pretty annoying having to spray paint something every year. This year, try something a little different before you head over to the hardware store for another can of spray paint. Instead, try taking advantage of powder coating services in Preston, WA. Here are some reasons why you should choose powder coating over spray painting.

Durability: Spray painting applies a thin, easily tarnished layer of paint to material. It may look pretty nice after a few coats, but just wait a little while. Especially if the item you painted takes any sort of abuse, you can expect chipping, scratches and peeling in little to no time at all. This is because no matter what else you applied beforehand, spray paint still just leaves a somewhat soft layer of paint on top of the item. Powder coating, on the other hand, leaves a hard layer of resin that is permanently adhered to the item, meaning an extra layer of protection that can handle all sorts of abuse.

Thickness: Another reason powder coating services in Preston, WA provides more durable protection than spray paint is because of its thickness. Just compare two items, one that has spray paint applied, and the other powder coated. You will notice immediately the thick layer of extra hard coating that the powder coating process leaves behind. This hard and thick layer of resin equates to a long lasting, durable, added layer of protection.

Adhesion: Powder coating also adheres to existing material better. Ever apply a few layers of spray paint, along with some primer, yet within a month that paint still chips off? Paint has a difficult time adhering to many types of materials. This especially allows moisture to find its way in between the material and the layer of primer and paint. This weakens its grip and eventually leads to chips. Powder coating services in Preston, WA, on the other hand, leaves behind a coat that keeps moisture out, and keeps the resin properly adhered.

Single coat: Having to occasionally spray paint something is often a bigger hassle than it sounds. You often have to disassemble something to get at the right part, buy spray paint and primer, cordon off part of your driveway or yard for application, and still it just never seems to go quite right. To make matters worse, you can expect to have to go through the same process in practically no time at all. Powder coating is a one-time deal. You take the item in, do no work, have your item returned to you and you won’t have to worry about applying a second coat next year.

For all these reasons and more, consider powder coating instead of spray painting when you’re looking to give something a clean, finished appearance that will last.