Benefits of Staircase Powder Coating in Preston, WA

Homeowners are always looking for affordable and easy ways to upgrade their homes. Just about any home upgrade will increase overall value, reduce the time it takes to sell, and most importantly, make any house more comfortable and enjoyable to live in. Once in a while you may have to shell out for those big home upgrades, like a new roof. These are the most costly but can have the greatest impact on home value. There are many less expensive, smaller upgrades that are available, and each offers its own unique set of advantages. One home upgrade you may not have thought of is staircase powder coating in Preston, WA.

Opportunities for powder coating

Investing in staircase powder coating in Preston, WA is an affordable and easy home upgrade you may want to consider this year. Especially for outdoor staircases, railings, newels and banisters, powder coating provides numerous long lasting advantages. Most importantly, powder coating reduces gradual deterioration due to chemicals and harsh weather like excessive snow, humidity or sunlight. Weather can take a toll on outdoor staircases, meaning you need to either replace or repair every couple years. By providing the added protection of powder coating, you no longer need to worry about having a damaged staircase.

Staircase powder coating in Preston, WA also protects against chip damage. Outdoor staircases are always susceptible to falling branches, wind damage or chips from accidentally dropping something on them. Powder coating adds a sturdy layer of armor protecting your stairs from just about anything nature, or you, might throw at them.

How does it work?

Powder coating is basically applying charged particles of pigment and resin to any material. It works by molding to the existing structure and adding what is effectively a permanent layer of protection. This armor is completely sealed, keeping moisture out, and won’t gradually wear off, as many paints tend to do, even when they contain sealers. Powder coating also comes in a variety of colors and is barely noticeable. Better yet, powder coating a staircase is not expensive and will pay for itself in reduced maintenance costs over time.

Instead of starting every summer with chores around the house, consider small home upgrades that reduce overall home maintenance. For every dollar spent, you can expect a return on saving money and time in the future. Everyone knows the benefits of things like siding or new gutters, but sometimes home upgrades with long term benefits are much easier, and much less expensive. There is no better example of this than powder coating your outdoor staircase, railings, newels and banisters. Especially when you consider the importance of a quality outdoor staircase both aesthetically and for safe usage, you may want to think again about just letting the staircase fall apart over the winter. Instead, consider a quick and easy solution to cut down on headaches. It may not be the first thing your neighbors notice, like a new car in the driveway, but that doesn’t mean it won’t provide benefits for years to come.