The Different Types of Powder Coating in Preston, WA

At it’s heart, powder coating is much like painting—the application methods are a bit different and there’s more to powder coating in Preston, WA than just making something look nice, but the similarities are there. One such way that painting and powder coating are very similar is in the different types of paint and powder materials that are able to be used.

Much like you have acrylic or water-based paints, there are also different types of powder coatings that can be used to great effect during the powder coating process to achieve different finishes, attributes and aesthetics. Take a look at some of the different types of powder coating in Preston, WA:

Epoxy: One of the most resilient types of powder coating in Preston, WA, epoxy powders are used when the metal you’re coating will be subject to a lot of abuse. Epoxies have a high impact resistance and can also be used to prevent corrosion, making them perfect for coating auto parts and industrial machinery. The drawbacks of epoxy coatings is that they don’t hold up well to UV exposure, making them less than ideal for outdoor applications that see the sun on a regular basis.

Polyester: The most common of all powder coating materials, polyester is a great option for most applications because of its versatility. Unhampered by UV light like epoxies are, polyester can be used for interior and exterior applications without cause for concern. These types of powders are also great for standing up to wear and tear—particularly moisture.

Acrylic: The only real time you’ll be looking to use an acrylic powder coating in Preston, WA is for a clear coat, since your color options are limited with this substance. Acrylics are perfect for fortifying other powder coatings because they add chemical resistances that act as a sealant, further protecting your powder coating application from invasive situations.

Fluoropolymer: Used almost exclusively in industrial and commercial applications, fluoropolymers are perhaps the best option for outdoor and exterior use because of their rigid temperance. These powders can take a beating day in and day out, while also standing up to the elements, making them exceptional for lasting applications.

Among these varying types of powder coatings, there is also a bevy of color options that you can further use to customize your powder coating application. From mattes to candy colors, chromes to traditional solid colors, pairing different powder coating materials with different colors can truly exemplify a project aesthetically, which lends uniqueness to a job.

While you might be content with a matte black or traditional chrome for an industrial powder coating application, having a candy red or matte gold for your personal auto powder coating can really lend uniqueness to any application. The end result will be a protective powder coating, complete with the attributes of your powder choice, along with the character of color that’s handpicked for the application.

To learn more about which powder coating in Preston, WA is optimal for your application, give Powder Vision Inc. a call today to discuss your unique needs and wants!