A Crash Course on the Powder Coating Process in Preston, WA

Powder coating, like many behind-the-scenes metal treatments, is subject to some mystery when it comes to how it works and what the powder coating process in Preston, WA entails. Thankfully, it’s not all too hard to comprehend and its basics can be explained in a few short steps, outlined below. Take a look at the basics of powder coating and what goes into making your metals more resilient and aesthetically pleasing:

  • The first phase of the powder coating process in Preston, WA is to completely disassemble any metal component you want to coat. This is done to make sure that the entire surface area of the component has been coated evenly and that nothing has been overlooked due to the assembly being maintained. Before the coating process actually begins, you should be looking at a raw component.
  • Next, you’ll need to prep your object for its powder coating by outgassing it in an oven at roughly 425-degrees for about a half an hour.
  • The final preparation step before the powder coating can begin is sand blasting, which serves to remove any grime, buildups, deposits or anything else that might affect the integrity of a powder coating. When the sandblasting is complete, it’s also a good idea to inspect the component for blemishes and make sure all of the leftover dust is brushed away.
  • If there are areas on your component that you don’t want powder coated, make sure to tape them off so that the process does not affect them.
  • Finally, it’s time to powder coat the item! Powder coating is sprayed on to the object evenly and thoroughly, so that every uncovered surface has an even coat that glistens and looks great.
  • After the powder coating process, covered areas can be carefully uncovered so that they don’t leave marks. Once the item has been fully coated and any areas uncovered, the object will go into an over or kiln, as the final step in the powder coating process in Preston, WA commences: the baking.
  • Bake the item at a specified temperature (usually something like 375-degrees) for about 15 minutes to ensure that the powder coat is set and ready to stand up to any abrasions that it might encounter. When it’s out of the over, let it dry before reassembling!

Powder coating is a tremendous way to raise the resilience of a metal component, while also giving it a keen aesthetic that’s flashy and purposeful. Whether it’s for automobile parts, residential metal applications, industrial working applications or some other need, powder coating remains one of the simplest ways to ensure that you’re getting the most out of the metal components that you rely on.

For more information about the powder coating process in Preston, WA or to learn the more intricate steps that run far deeper than just the basic premise explained here, feel free to contact Powder Vision Inc. about any and all of your powder coating needs.