The 6 Best Metals for Powdercoating

The finishing process on metal has a huge impact on the usefulness and durability of the final product. Powder coating is one way that metals can be finished to increase their durability and reduce corrosion. Let’s look at the six types of metal that are recommended for this type of finish and learn about this process.

Aluminum – This lightweight metal is used in a number of industrial applications and works well with powder coating. If you were wondering can you powdercoat aluminum, the answer is yes you can.

Bronze – Bronze has historically been considered one of the most durable metals on earth. Powder coating can further enhance that durability.

Brass – Brass is essential in a number of industries. Finding ways to increase the durability of brass is essential. Powder coating can be used for this.

Titanium – This metal has long been hailed for its almost indestructible qualities. Powder coating is an important part of finishing titanium items.

Steel – Steel is the backbone of most manufacturing and fabrication. Powder coating is an integral part of developing steel items. People often wonder can you powdercoat steel. Yes, this metal does well with powder coating.

What Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a metal finishing process that applies a dry coating to the surface of the metal. This is used as an alternative to liquid finishing. Liquid finishes include paint or solvent. Powder coating is often preferred because it can greatly reduce the instances of corrosion on the metals.

How Is Powder Coating Done?

The powder used in powder coating is applied to the surface of the metal by being sprayed. This dry powder is electrostatically charged. After application, the item is cured with heat. During this curing process, the particles of the powder coating are fused together with the metal. This creates a new surface for the metal which can decrease the instance of corrosion and increase the strength and durability of the metal.

What Are the Benefits?

This process provides many benefits for several industries. One of the best benefits is that powder coating is more affordable than other types of finishes. This can help keep costs low for finished metal products.

Another benefit is that the metal is strengthened during this process increasing its durability.  Powder coating is also less labor-intensive than other finishing forms, including painting.

What Are the Limitations of This Process?

There are not many limitations to this type of process, but one limitation is that you can only coat a clean surface. Powder coating cannot be done over an existing surface.