Do’s and Don’ts Regarding Anchoring Railing to Concrete

Anchoring railing to concrete can benefit your project or property in various ways. Thus, it might be a helpful move for you to make. However, you need to remember that there’s a right and wrong way to do it. The following is some vital information about how to anchor railing to concrete and its benefits.

The Benefit of Bolting Railing to Concrete

You can benefit significantly by bolting some railing to a concrete structure. It can restore strength to a foundation. In other situations, it can provide an extra layer of safety for people visiting a specific area. In structures such as bridges, anchoring railing to concrete strengthens the product and helps it to contain vehicles and hold weight. Whatever reason you have for adding this metal to concrete, you must use the most effective processes to perform the task.

How You Should Anchor Railing to Concrete

These are some helpful tips for anchoring the railing correctly:

Take Your Measurements

The initial action you need to do is to take measurements so that you know precisely how much railing you need. Do this step after cleaning the area but before you do anything else.

Test the Railing

Get a few people to help you test the railing so that you know whether it will be effective and have a good amount of strength. Have your helpers hold the railing in place so that you can gauge how well it will hold up.

Mark and Drill Your Holes

You’ll need to mark holes in the concrete to ensure you do your drilling processes correctly. Mark where you want all the holes to go, and then drill the holes into the concrete with a hammer drill. You’ll need to take some time to clean the holes before proceeding with any additional tasks.

Attach Your Anchors and Railing

The rest of the process involves attaching your anchors and railing. You’ll need to fit your anchors into the concrete with a hammer as an assistant tool of sorts. You’ll also need to fit the flange to the bolts. The last step is tightening all the bolts and attaching your railing. The project should go smoothly if you take your time and proceed with care.

How Not To Anchor Railing to Concrete

You should avoid embedding the railing into the concrete. Many people consider embedding concrete because they feel it will give the structure more stability. However, rust and corrosion can form on the metal because of water that transfers from the concrete. Bolting the metal to the concrete is a much more effective process because it likely won’t cause that issue.

You can clearly see the benefit of bolting the railing to concrete. Now you can decide who you will trust to do the job for you. Find a provider that takes pride in their work ethic and wants to see your project succeed.