Beginner’s Guide To Caring for Powder Coating

Powdered coatings exist on a vast assortment of appliances, cabinets, building materials, and other surfaces. It’s vital to perform proper maintenance and cleaning when handling items with this coating because they are vulnerable to water and other elements. Items like rainwater, sunlight, wind, saltwater, etc. can degrade the coating and cause damage to the items. These are some tips for maintaining powder-coated surfaces and cleaning them effectively.

Maintenance Tips for Powder-Coated Surfaces

The best practice for maintaining powder coating is to avoid harsh chemicals. Your powder-coated items are very sensitive to chemicals. Therefore, you must avoid cleaning them with the same caustic solutions you might use on other products.

Certain solvents can cause permanent damage to the materials and make them more susceptible to staining, breaking down, and fading. Powder-finished products can last many years if you maintain them safely. However, using brutal chemicals can drastically cut their life expectancy short, even as much as 50 percent. Less is more regarding your care of these vulnerable materials. Therefore, you should always try basic cleaning first.

Cleaning Tips for Powder Coated Surfaces

These are some things to remember when cleaning anything that has a powdered coating:

Wipe the fence and gate surfaces.

Use wet rags to wipe off fences and gates when they have a powder coating. Never neglect these maintenance tasks because it can cause your items to lose a bit of their life expectancy.

Power wash when necessary.

You may have to use a power washer to penetrate deep dirt and grime. It’s safe to use such cleaning methods. However, you should use low pressure to avoid having the metal shift its position. You also need to examine the water you use for the power washing process.

Look out for stains and discoloration in other areas that have been exposed to the same water source. Unfiltered groundwater tends to put stains on some. Thus, you need to have it tested for fluoride, chlorine, sulfur, and other contaminants.

Try soap and water first.

Old-fashioned soap and water are highly effective when cleaning powder-coated fences and other products. You can get a significant amount of surface dirt off of such items without being abrasive or using harmful chemicals. Try cleaning countertops this way. You can use a soft brush for better cleaning, and you should get into the routine of doing this maintenance once a week or biweekly.

Avoid petroleum-based cleaning agents.

You’ll need to stay away from petroleum-based products to protect your powder-coated items. Petroleum breaks down the coating and ruins the integrity of the finish.

Consider treating items with wax.

Consider adding a layer of wax when you’re done cleaning. The added wax can block UV rays and prevent friction in items such as fences, handrails, stairways, and the like.

You are now well versed in how to clean powder coated surfaces. You also know how to maintain powder coated surfaces. Take heed to the warnings and use the tips mentioned above to extend the life of your items.