The Versatility of Powder Coating

Are there different colors available when powder coating? Powder coating has become highly versatile, especially over the last several years. The powder coating industry has experienced huge advances in technology. With these advances have come new processes and coating formulas that have enabled companies to offer more texture and color options than ever before.

Powder Coating Versatility

Are there varying levels of quality with powder coating? There are many questions that you may want to ask regarding the versatility of powder coating. Continue reading for more information on powder coating and everything it has to offer.

The powder coating process begins with prepping the surface, which consists of cleaning to prepare for the application for coating. The cleaning starts by removing contaminants from the surface and then prepping the surface for maximum adhesion between the coating and material. This process must be done correctly and thoroughly since many issues with coating happen because of improper preparation.

Color and Finishes

When it comes to color, the options are pretty limitless and can range from matte to high gloss. A high, smooth gloss coating can offer a high-end aesthetic that can create an illusion of wet looks or depth. You will even notice a lot of high gloss coating for finishes in locations such as department stores.

Matte finishes have the ability to hide surface imperfections and defects including scratches and nicks. Non-standard colors and metallics are more expensive than standard options but should be used for various applications.


Powder coating has the ability to give a distressed or antique, with a black base and metallic pigments of gold, silver, or copper contrasting against the black. Multi-color looks are mainly seen in the display and furniture industries, which call for a broad range of multi-color looks, such as confetti and granite appearances.


Clear powders are typically used as a protective layer on various products, including hinges, doorknobs, lamps, plumbing fixtures, and railings. They are also available for substitution of chrome and brass platings for a lot cheaper.

Chrome-Like Appearances

As chrome plating becomes more expensive and regulated, the powder coating industry has created a different option that looks similar to the sleek chrome. This is a very popular option in the automotive industry.


Metallic coatings use particles including mica, brass, copper, or aluminum and can replicate the appearance of metal that has been untarnished. Metallic bonding can even bond metal flakes physically to the base coat. This powder coating is mainly used to increase equipment durability or products mainly used in harsh environments.

Benefits of Powder Coating

Aside from powder coating being eye-catching, it can combat corrosion, which is the deterioration of the metal. With powder coating, you have the ability to create protective surfaces that ensure the metal will not come in direct contact with other metals or the environment surrounding it.

Powder coating is also safer for the environment since it emits negligible amounts of VOCs. The coating can prevent heavy metals from entering water or soil sources and reduce unnecessary waste from going into landfills.