The Pros and Cons of Powder Coating Rims

Powder coating is a process that enhances the appearance of your wheels while reducing the general cost of your vehicle aesthetics. Refinishing your wheels with powder coating makes them look brand and is cheaper than acquiring new custom rims when they start to appear worn out.

Powder coating uses ground particles made of specific resin and pigments. These particles get electrostatically charged during spraying enabling them to adhere to the rims. The wheels then get baked to make the surfaces blend to produce a hard cure. The process produces a high-quality, long-lasting surface that is reliably fantastic.

Although there are several other ways to improve the general durability and appearance of the rims that require a new finish, rim powder coating has advantages and disadvantages.


High level of resistance 

Your vehicle’s rims encounter a lot of action. Depending on the time of the year, you could begin addressing corrosion, chipping, or flaking issues that the road grime, salt, and other elements can bring with every rotation. The gravel on streets, or even debris on roads, may cause damage that needs debris on the road repaired.

Automotive powder coating produces a non-porous surface that protects your wheels better than conventional paint.

Better durability

The powder coating process involves spraying particles onto your wheel rims and then baking in an oven at a high temperature. This process makes the coating adhere to the surface properly, enhancing the product’s durability

When you apply a powder coating to the rims appropriately, the product can last close to three times longer than the conventional painting that some people prefer.

Environment friendly 

Many of the products applied to the rims nowadays have volatile compounds in them. These volatile organic compounds not only harm your lungs if you inhale them but are also harmful to the ozone layer.

When using a powder coating instead, you can address the risks of VOCs fully. Moreover, you will not require dealing with the excess paint you may have, which is often impossible to reuse after you are through with painting, unlike powder which you can easily recycle.

Saves money 

Although you might pay more for a powder coating initially, it can save you a lot of money in the long run if you go for this option for your rims. Research shows that the average cost of doing a whole set of rims is between $400 and $700. Some providers might offer the service for less if the demand for the product is minimal.


Color application issues 

When you go for powder coating in place of paint, there might be problems with the final hue you get when you take the rims out of the oven. The process of baking often produces a consistent product. Nevertheless, there are times when recycled products get into what you are using, which might cause cross-contamination.

Thickness can be a problem 

When you require a thick finish to address some situations powder coating is an ideal option for rims. However, if your need a thin surface for a specific appearance, this is not for you. It is almost impossible to produce thin surfaces with a powder coating option.

Rims need grinding before coating

Your rims need proper grinding for the baking process. This implies that you have to remove any paint from the wheels before you begin the process.