The Effect of Powder Coating in the Auto Industry

Automotive powder coating has been around for a while. Powder coating first started to become a thing in North America back in the 1960s. The finishing process has only become more popular since then. Powder coating being around for this long is no accident. It’s a process that delivers great value, and those involved in the automotive industry recognized that quickly.

In this article, we discuss the ways in which car powder coating has changed the automotive industry. We will also touch on what the future holds for the practice of powder coating.

Cars Look Better Thanks to Powder Coating

You can argue that the greatest impact of powder coating is evident in how cars look today.

Cars that looked worn down and rusted after just a few years in service were commonplace before popularized powder coating. These days, cars can maintain their gorgeous looks for decades.

Powder coating is known for how well it resists extreme weather conditions. It also manages to effectively slow down the progression of wear and tear. Thanks to those qualities, you can expect a powder coat to remain intact for a very long time.

People have also created some pretty eye-catching looks using the powder coat finish. Those looks can also be applied to different components of the car and not just its exterior.

The cars we’re seeing today often look great, largely thanks to the prevalence of powder coating.

Powder Coats Provide Better Protection

We touched on this above, but it’s worth emphasizing how powder coats have protected cars relative to other finishes. It goes beyond offering improved weather resistance and protection against wear and tear.

Since powder coats can work their way into narrow openings, the coverage they provide is unmatched. Comprehensive protection is easier to achieve with the help of a powder coating.

Powder Coating Speeds Up the Finishing Process for Cars

Before powder coating, plenty of meticulous prep work had to go into preparing a car’s components for painting. The engine, in particular, presented a great challenge.

Powder coating changed that because it removed the need to perform certain pre-treatment processes. Finishing a car could be done faster thanks to powder coats, and that was a significant development for the industry.

Powder Coating Makes Car Finishing Cheaper

Lastly, the popularity of powder coating has made the process of finishing cars cheaper. Applying a powder coat is simpler than other finishing processes, which has led to considerable savings.

Powder coating also cuts down on wasted materials. That has translated to savings for both the consumers and the folks in the automotive industry.

What Is the Future for Powder Coating?

The powder coating process is constantly evolving, and we could see it develop in some pretty exciting ways.

Soon enough, we could see cars finished with powder coats that feature 3D graphics. Research is also being conducted with the goal of making powder coats more sustainable. In the future, we could also see powder coats play a role in improving the performance of self-driving cars.

To say that automotive powder coating is a revolutionary innovation would not be an exaggeration. The impact powder coating has had on the industry cannot be denied, and it will continue to be prominently featured for many years to come.