What To Know About Clear Powder Coating

Powder coating has long been used to protect items and ensure that they stay vibrant. Clear powder coating is a similar technology that does more than just coat your items. If you have been thinking about powder coating but have been hesitant, clear powder coating might be the right option for you.

What Is Clear Powder Coating?

A clear powder coating is just what it sounds like: It is a powder coating that, instead of being black or any other color, is clear. This type of coating provides the protection that a standard powder coating would provide, but it allows your product’s color to shine through so that the overall look of the item is not affected.

These coatings come in different finishes so that you can choose what will work best for your item. Clear powder coating options include high-gloss, semi-gloss, matte and flat and can help you protect just about anything. Clear powder coats can be applied over powder coating that has already been applied, or they can be applied directly to the surface of the item that is being protected.

Benefits of Clear Powder Coating

The first and most obvious benefit of a clear powder coat is it will help protect the item. The protective coating and special powder coating helps to make the surface of the item markedly stronger so that it is scratch resistant, UV resistant and even corrosion resistant.

It also helps to make the item look better. Clear coats can increase the depth and the overall look of the item’s color. It can also help keep that color looking better, longer. Instead of worrying that your item may fade or get chipped or damaged, a clear coat can help you rest easy and be certain that your item will look great for longer.

What Can You Clear Powder Coat?

This clear powder coating can be applied to a whole range of things. From vehicles to sculptures to nearly anything else you can imagine, you can use clear powder coating for almost anything. This coating is easy to have applied to nearly any substrate to improve longevity and durability. This is a great option if you want to ensure that your item, whatever it may be, will retain its integrity.

It can also help to increase the life of whatever you are coating. If the item is less susceptible to corrosion, less likely to chip and crack, and harder to scratch, it will naturally last longer. The right clear coat can help you increase the longevity of your products and help you have a better experience overall with your project.