How Powder Coating Can Improve Your Business

No one wants to invest in expensive outdoor equipment to find that it fades in the sun and becomes brittle and less durable. Powder coating is a great way to help increase the durability and the overall look of your outdoor equipment. It can help extend the life of these expensive purchases and can help keep them looking and functioning great longer.

What Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is the application of a protective coating to items with the use of polymer resin. The polymer resin is added to the system along with other additives that help to harden the resin, and then it is sprayed on the item that is being powder coated. This coating is durable, UV resistant, scratch resistant, and will help prevent corrosion, making it an excellent choice for outdoor equipment exposed to the elements.

Powder coating increases the item’s durability protects the item from damage and wear and tear. With outdoor items like playground equipment, fencing, benches and more, protective powder coating is the best way to ensure that these items will function and look great for longer as well.

Powder coating can be used for nearly anything. Our team can help you find the right powder coating option for the item you want to protect.

Benefits of Powder Coating

There are plenty of benefits to powder coated business equipment, and the first is durability. With items exposed to the elements, the aim is to help them last as long as possible. Metal items are likely to erode and be exposed to sun, wind, rain and ice. Powder coating can help provide that extra protection that will help you keep these items looking better longer, preventing erosion and deterioration so that you can keep it longer. By adding that extra layer of protection, you can help to slow the process of erosion, wear and tear, and the overall deterioration of your equipment so that it lasts longer, saving you money.

Powder coating is also more cost-effective than something like wet painting. It is also faster and can help you get your item ready to be put back in service faster than it would otherwise. This is a great option for businesses that utilize or sell things like playground equipment, fencing.

Powder coating is a fantastic option if you have invested a great deal of money in expensive equipment, and you want it to last longer and work better.