Why Is Powder Coating Good for Billboards?

Powder coating is a finishing or painting process typically used on metals. A dry powder is electrostatically charged and sprayed onto the desired surface, usually a metal, which is grounded.

The charged powder particles are drawn to the grounded metal surface, and the process is completed by heating the metal object, causing the powder molecules to bond with the surface of the metal and form a skin.

There are several benefits to contracting a powder coating company in Washington, and there are numerous commercial uses for powder coating as well. One such instance is using powder coatings for advertising purposes. Here’s why powder coatings are ideal for use on billboards.


Powder coatings are typically more durable than liquid paints. This is because of the molecular binding process that occurs during the application and curing of powder coatings. A billboard is typically going to be outdoors and raised high into the air, which means it’s going to be subject to sun, wind, rain, hail and snow, making its toughness that much more important.

Color choices and effects

Because of the application process of powder coatings, you can choose any color or color combination you like for your billboard. In addition to that, powder coatings can offer a vast array of special effects that come in one-step or two-step varieties. Your goal is to make your billboard stand out and catch the eyes of passersby, and a two-tone, candy paint, veining or metallic finish is one way to do that.

Saves time

Compared to liquid paints, the heating or curing process that is necessary to seal in the powder coating is considerably quicker. This can come into play if you decide you want to put up several billboards all at once due to a sale or because your business is highly seasonal. It lowers the amount of labor that the powder coating company must use, which leads me to the next benefit.

Cost effective

Paying for multiple billboards at once can get expensive in a hurry. In Seattle, Washington, a large billboard can run you $4,000 for four weeks. And that’s just one billboard. If you’d like to put up multiple billboards for multiple months, that’s going to cost tens of thousands of dollars. But because powder coatings don’t take as long to fabricate, the cost of labor associated with them is lower. The durability of powder coatings would also reduce the need for any maintenance on your billboards once they’re up.

Better for the environment

Powder coatings don’t include the solvents containing the dreaded volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are in most liquid paints. The VOCs in liquid paints can pollute the air we breathe and produce unnecessary waste. Powder coatings are performed in a sealed environment, which vastly limits air pollution, and any excess powder used during the application process is collected for future use. With a project the size of billboards, this can make a big difference.

Call for your powder coating today

If you’re thinking about billboard advertising, it would be wise to consider powder coating in lieu of liquid paint. At Powder Vision Inc. in Washington, we are the experts in commercial powder coating and want to help you reach new customers with your company’s billboard advertising. Reach out to us today to learn more about what we can do for you.