How Long Does Powder Coating Last?

There are numerous benefits to choosing a powder coating over a traditional liquid coating when it comes to painting and finishing objects.

Although liquid coatings have long been the standard, powder coatings have become more popular because they’re better for the environment, can produce thicker and more uniform paint layers than liquid coating, can be cured quicker and offer more durability than liquid coatings.

Before you hire a powder coating service in Washington, you might be wondering, “How long does powder coating last?” We’ll answer that question and a few more in this article.

How does powder coating work?

Before a powder coating can be applied, the object’s surface must be thoroughly pre-treated, meaning that it must be cleaned well, including the removal of any dirt, grease or existing corrosion.

When that’s done, a dry electrically-charged powder is sprayed onto whichever object is being coated, usually a metal. This metal is electrically grounded, meaning that the charged powder particles are attracted to the surface, getting in any crevices or cracks, and spreading evenly over the surface.

Once the metal is coated with the powder, it is then heated for a short time. This heating process encourages the powder to bond with the surface, forming an outer skin that is more durable than liquid paint.

How is it more durable than paint?

The electrostatic thermal bonding process that occurs between the powder coating and its surface provides a much stronger layer than liquid paint. Because the powder coating binds with the surface at a molecular level, it is more resistant to scratching, fading, chipping, breaking, corrosion, moisture, ultraviolet light, chemicals and other general wear and tear.

In addition to lasting longer than liquid paint, powder coating typically looks better too, because it is easier to apply the coat more smoothly than with liquid paint.

How long does powder coating last?

This is a simple question with a less-than-simple answer. There are a few different types of powder coating that are used for different applications in various environments. The quality of the powder coating itself, as well as the pre-treatment, are factors that play into the longevity of a powder coating.

Certain powder coatings have been known to last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. Outdoor applications of powder coatings that are subject to constant weathering usually last five to seven years, but a bollard project in the Arizona desert where temperatures range from 28 to 101 degrees Fahrenheit showed barely any signs of wear and tear five years after application.

Regardless of the type of powder coating you elect to use, it’s highly likely that it will last longer than a liquid paint coating, which, depending on your industry, could make all the difference.

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