Some Interesting Uses for Powder Coating

Since it offers a high-quality finish, many companies use powder coating, or powder finishing, to cover their products instead of liquid paints. The powder coating is usually sprayed through a spray gun when coating a product. Powder coating is considered by many to be quite durable and versatile. In fact, powder coating is used on a huge variety of modern products, including refrigerators, ATVs, football helmets and more. Powder coating is also considered more environmentally friendly than other types of finishing products.

You might not have known that powder coating could be used for plenty of fixtures around your home. Next time you need something painted in Washington, consider getting a powder coat finish done instead.

Adding color to vehicles

Powder coating is a great way to change up the color of your car, truck or motorcycle. The right powder coating service will offer to sandblast the older paint job from your vehicle, then powder coat it with a brand-new color!

Since powder coating is more durable, you can be sure your vehicle’s new color will last a while. This process also works on different types of vehicle materials, including steel, aluminum and more. It’s completely safe and won’t damage your vehicle in any way.

Brightening up outdoor fixtures

If you’re looking to breathe some new life into your outdoor fixtures, consider adding a new layer of color by powder coating. Everything from outdoor furniture to gates can be improved with a powder coat finish. The process can even help improve outdoor fixtures that have rusted over time. Thanks to powder coating’s durability, you won’t have to worry about your fixtures getting rusty, no matter what your local weather conditions may be.

If you’re wanting to have a powder coating finish applied to a surface that has already rusted, be sure to have a professional take care of it. They will likely want to sand the surface first, as it’s never a good idea to powder coat over rust that’s already peeling.

Updating kitchen appliances

Powder coating can be done on your indoor appliances as well! If your refrigerator is starting to look old and dingy, you might consider having a new color added by powder coating. This is also a great way to make sure that many of your kitchen appliances match in color. Powder coating can even be done on steel countertops, microwaves, ovens, dishwashers and much more.

Preventing bikes from rusting

Riding on a bicycle that has started to rust is never ideal. Not only does it look bad, but rusting could cause abrasions to your skin and even lead to infections. Prevent this rusting from ever happening by having powder coating applied to your bike. There are a variety of colors and textures to choose from that will make your bike look brand new.

If you have the need for powder coating services in Washington, be sure to contact Powder Vision Inc. We can sandblast and powder coat a multitude of different things, including cars, signs, boats and much more!