How to Protect Your Powder Coat from Damaging Weather Conditions

Homeowners who invest in powder coating deserve to get their money’s worth. Much like any other part of a house, metal pieces like patio furniture and fencing require consistent maintenance so they can stand up against the harsh weather in Washington. The following tips will keep powder coat finishes looking brand new for years.

Apply a pre-treatment

The powder coat finish on your metal furniture, vehicles and gates will last much longer when a coater starts off with a pre-treatment. This layer is applied before the powder coating to enhance the gloss and color. Much like priming a wall before you paint it, pre-treatments create a solid foundation the powder coat can stick to, rather than adhering directly to the metal substrate.

In addition to priming the metal for powder coats, a pre-treatment helps protect the metal substrate itself. The damp climate of Washington leaves metal pieces vulnerable to rust and deterioration, sometimes within months if the metal doesn’t have adequate protection. Coaters apply pre-treatments containing zinc and iron phosphate because these sacrificial metals extend the lifespan of the underlying substrate.

Store at the right temperature

Powder coating lasts the longest in warm temperatures. In a perfect world, the weather in Washington would remain between 68 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit all year long. Though you can’t change the weather, what you can do is keep your metal pieces in a temperature-controlled storage room. This is the best way to protect patio furniture and motorcycles during the cold months.

Indoor storage also has to maintain consistent humidity levels. Powder coating that’s exposed to unusually high levels of humidity attracts moisture in the surrounding atmosphere and accelerate the deterioration process. You can avoid this by storing metal pieces with a powder coat finish in rooms with humidity between 47 and 55 percent.

Choose a weather-resistant coating

Keeping metal pieces indoors isn’t always an option. Many home features like fencing and entrance gates stay outside all the time. Luckily, coaters provide a range of powder finishes designed to resist harsh weather conditions year round. Polyester-based coats are a popular choice because they protect metal substrates from ultraviolet radiation and corrosion.

Fluoropolymer coatings are often touted as superior to other types because they’re not only weather resistant but preserve the original gloss and color as well. While some powder coats like epoxy last only a few months, fluoropolymers endure decades of constant wear and tear from harsh outdoor elements. The only downside to fluoropolymer-based coatings is that they’re usually the most expensive choice on the market. Homeowners can enjoy perfectly adequate coverage for their metal pieces at a lower price.

Protecting your metal furniture, vehicles and gates from dangerous weather starts with the application process. Even if you follow all the steps mentioned above, powder coating will have little defense against the forces of Mother Nature when the wrong coater takes on your home improvement project. At Powder Vision Inc., we understand the application process is pricy and has to be done right the first time. Contact our coaters to learn what we can do for you!