Is Ceramic Coating Worth It?

Ceramic coating requires investment of time and resources. So, should you bother? Is ceramic coating in Washington worth it?

The answer? It depends. To understand whether you should invest in ceramic coating, you must understand what ceramic coating is used for in Washington and which situations benefit from this additional protection. Consider the following key points as you attempt to answer this question.


Ceramic coating can be well worth the investment to protect your vehicle or other item from minor damage and contaminants. This coating can help prevent corrosion and minor scratches on surfaces. Its purpose is simply to add a layer of protection to the product. However, how you care for and use the car will determine whether ceramic coating is the right choice for you.

When to use ceramic coating

There are four situations that warrant an investment in ceramic coating for your vehicle.

  • Perfectionism: If you keep your paint job in near-perfect condition, ceramic coating is a good option.
  • Care: Do you drive your vehicle frequently, but provide regular care for it? If you don’t neglect your vehicle, ceramic coating is appropriate.
  • Cleaning: If you wash your car often, using appropriate products and techniques, then you should consider ceramic coating.
  • Convenience: If you need to wash your car easily and quickly, ceramic coating can add this benefit.

When not to use ceramic coating

There are also four situations that do not call for ceramic coating. In these scenarios, you should choose a sealant rather than ceramic coating:

  • Abuse: If you use your car daily for regular driving, and the vehicle experiences quite a bit of wear and tear, you should not invest in a ceramic coating.
  • Dirt: Does your vehicle get extremely dirty? Do you clean your car infrequently? If so, you should choose a sealant over ceramic coating. When you don’t wash your vehicle right away, the ceramic coating can make it harder to clean, rather than easier.
  • Damage: If the use of your vehicle makes it susceptible to scratches or dents, you should apply a sealant rather than a ceramic coating. A common myth regarding ceramic coating is that it protects against all dings. Keep in mind that it helps protect, but it does not make your vehicle immune to damage. Flying rocks at highway speeds will still cause dings.
  • Budget: If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your vehicle, you should stay away from ceramic coating. This is the more expensive option, so choose a sealant to stick within your budget.

Get the right protection

Is ceramic coating in Washington worth it? Consult with the team at Powder Vision Inc. to decide which is the best option for your needs. For some, powder coating is the ideal solution. For others, another option makes more sense. Our team can help you choose the right coating for your vehicle. Reach our experienced professionals today at 425-222-6363 for a recommendation or to start on your next project. We look forward to working with you soon!