Does a Good Powder Coating Add Value to an Item?

As you consider various options for coating your products, you may be wondering about ceramic coating versus powder coating in Washington. Does one solution work better than the other? And does a powder coating add enough value to an item to make it worthwhile?

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What is powder coating in Washington?

Powder coating is the application of a surface that is harder than paint, to provide protection or add color to a product. The powder is applied through an electrostatic process, then the part is heated at 350 to 425 degrees for two to four hours.

What is ceramic coating in Washington?

Ceramic coating offers a more durable finish that is more resistant to heat and corrosion than powder coating. This type of coating is applied using a dip-spin or wet spray application.

For the dip-spin method, the product is placed in a container that has perforated sides, then the bin is dipped into the liquified coating. The item is then lifted out of the coating and spun to remove excess coating, then it is placed in an oven for curing.

The wet spray process involves spraying the ceramic coating on the part, then placing it in an oven for curing. This method is typically used for larger components.

What are the advantages of ceramic coating versus powder coating in Washington?

Ceramic coating offers a more durable finish than powder coating. It creates a barrier that is corrosion, chip and heat resistant. For those seeking a robust solution, ceramic coating is the better option. It offers a good choice for applications, such as exhaust parts, that need extra protection. It is also more likely to meet standards for OEM requirements.

However, for many components, powder coating can be a great solution. If you are unsure which type of coating to use for your parts, consult with a professional. Experts in protective coatings can help you review your options and select the one that best fits your application.

Does powder coating add value?

Either type of coating improves the condition of the component. The coatings can also be used to add color or style to a product. Because they improve the durability, utility and aesthetics of a component, powder coating and ceramic coating can both add value to a product. They increase the longevity and appeal of components, so these processes are considered worthwhile investments for manufacturers.

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