Things to Consider Before Powder Coating Any Auto Parts

A lot of auto enthusiasts take great pride in the colors that play across their vehicles. It’s a delicate relationship that accentuates the style of car you’re driving even as it offers a reflection of your own personality. When it comes to applying the right color for your vehicle, however, a lot of car owners think a fresh paint job is the only option. It’s not—powder coating for cars in Washington is increasingly popular among enthusiasts and casual drivers alike.

Before you have parts of your vehicle powder coated, however, there are some things to know.

What is powder coating?

To the average person, powder coating may appear similar to a spray paint job. A technician operates in a controlled environment using spray nozzles to apply thick layers of protective “powder.” Powder coating comes in the same variety of colors as paint, and it lasts a whole lot longer.

As you might suspect, however, there are some crucial distinctions between painting and powder coating for cars in Washington.

A protective shell

After a powder coating has been applied to your vehicle and has had time to harden, it is one of the densest materials known to humankind. It is incredibly resistant to scratches, dents and all the little impacts that go hand in hand with driving a car. That said, a powder coating is more likely to erode before a typical paint job.

Talent is important

Obviously, there is a degree of skill that goes with painting an automobile, but powder coating is a step above. Not only is it crucial for a powder coating process to remain immaculate (for fear of cross contamination), but a technician must also apply the coating steadily to avoid clumping and bumping. In other words, powder coating is not something for an amateur enthusiast. It needs to be handled by a pro.

The green option

It’s impossible to get around the fact that paint isn’t very good for the environment. It’s made of harmful chemicals, and there is almost always some amount left over after a paint job. That creates waste that isn’t easily disposed of.

Powder coating, on the other hand, involves little to no waste. It’s also created without the help of chemicals, making it a natural alternative, as well.

Are you a speed demon?

If you’re thinking about a new color or coating for a vehicle, you should be aware that powder coating could have a small impact on your performance. The reason is simple: the trade-off for the inherent durability of powder coating is extra weight. In short, when powder coating dries, it adds several pounds to your vehicle.

If weight conservation is vital to you, powder coating may not be worth the effort.

Your powder coating solution

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