What Types of Powder Coating Are There?

Even if you’re not a car buff or a worker in an industrial setting, you probably still have experience with powder coating. This incredible process allows people to coat various metal parts and pieces with an extra layer of protection that is as durable as it is attractive. Though often confused with a typical paint job, powder coating offers a much more robust level of security for your metal parts. Of course, before you can get your metal powder coated, you have to know what types of powder coatings in Washington might work best for you.


In the world of powder coating, think of thermosets as the “set it and forget it” option. As the name would imply, when a thermoset powder coating is applied, it is “set.” That is, after application, thermosets undergo a chemical process that sees the powder coating harden into a nearly unbreakable shell.

Thermoset powder coating is ideal for parts that will be exposed to intense heat. In fact, some types of thermoset powder coating can withstand temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. The most common varieties are:

  • Epoxy: Epoxy coated surfaces are prized for their ability to insulate against electric shock. That said, epoxy coatings can also turn chalky in direct sunlight, so they’re typically used on parts that will stay indoors.
  • Epoxy-polyester: Often referred to simply as the “hybrid” coating, epoxy-polyester coating is somewhat better under UV light, but not as durable as straight epoxy. It is used most commonly on toys.
  • Acrylic: Acrylic powder coating is prized for its beautiful, shiny finish, but it’s not as impact resistant or durable as other options.

Of course, thermosets are just one of the types of powder coating in Washington.


If thermosets are the permanent option, then thermoplastics can be considered the recyclable alternative. Where thermosets hold their structure in high heat, thermoplastics melt under extreme heat. This makes it easy for thermoplastics to be melted and recycled.

Despite their susceptibility to high temperatures, thermoplastics are renowned for their ability to stay intact over an extended timeline as well as to stand up to chemical corrosion:

  • Nylon: Nylon powder coating is extremely effective at protecting against chemicals. It’s commonly used in food handling appliances like dishwashers.
  • Polyolefin: The extremely smooth finish of a polyolefin powder coating is used in lab equipment because it can stand up to repeated contact with chemicals as well as continuous cleanings.
  • Polyester: Often used in outdoor furniture and even on the exteriors of buildings, polyester powder coatings stand up to the elements and look great while they’re doing it.

State-of-the-art coating

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