Pro Tips for Powder Coating Auto Parts

Powder coating auto parts is a time-honored tradition that not only makes your auto parts look great, but can also protect them from rust and corrosion. Powder coating is the name used to refer to dusting a surface with plastic-based powder and then using an electric current to heat the surface and the color particles. This helps form a smooth finish as the powder melts into and flows together with the surface.

Below, we’ve assembled a list of powder coating fundamentals in Washington—and if you need further assistance, make sure to call the pros at Powder Vision Inc.:

  • Get it clean: For best results, you need to remove all dust, dirt, scale and corrosion. Rust dissolvers can be a great way to get the grime off.
  • Mixing colors: Since paint is a liquid, you can mix two colors together to make another one. The same is not true for powder coating. Since the powder is made up of tiny plastic particles that melt together when heated, it won’t blend the same way that paint does. This can produce interesting results, but if you’re looking for a specific shade, it’s best to get that pre-mixed. Otherwise, you may experience speckling or other unwanted effects.
  • Choose between thermosetting and thermoplastic: Thermoplastic has the ability to melt and flow multiple times, whereas thermosetting powders actually get tougher when repeatedly exposed to heat or other chemicals. However, if your auto part is repeatedly exposed to high temperatures (anything above 200 degrees Fahrenheit), you’ll want to avoid thermoplastic.
  • When to go to a professional shop: Many people are able to do simple powder coating projects at home or in their own private workshop, but there are other times when powder coating for auto parts in Washington should be done by a professional. These include when the project is too big to fit into your curing oven, a complex shape, something very difficult to clean properly or a very specific shade for your project.
  • Block off spaces appropriately: There will be times when you’re powder coating an object where you don’t want the color to go. Never use regular masking tape for this—the glue will harden and you’ll need to sand it off. Instead, use special powder coating tape and silicone plugs that are especially designed to give you great results.
  • Get a great kit: In addition to masking off sections you don’t wish to powder coat, getting a great starter kit will save you a lot of time and money. These can include utility wire, cleaning solutions and other necessary tools.

Powder coating for auto parts in Washington

Powder Vision Inc. offers powder coating services for both businesses and individuals. Discover the durable, long lasting and decorative finish that powder coating gives to products made of steel, aluminum and brass. It can also be applied over galvanized metal, and as an environmentally safe finish, powder coating releases no fumes, carcinogens or hazardous byproducts. Contact us today for a free estimate to see how we can powder coat your auto parts.