Can You Powder Coat Boat Parts?

When you have metal boat parts, you’re either already or quickly will become aware of their propensity for rust and corrosion. Not only is this ugly, but it’s difficult to keep in proper shape. Some people have considered painting or sandblasting, only to find that these are not the most effective ways to keep parts looking good. Powder coating your boat parts in Washington is a good way to refinish them so that they’ll last longer and stay beautiful. Here’s why it works so well:

  • More durable: Powder coating is better than paint because it’s not actually paint—it’s a protective coating of solid plastic that has been designed to adhere to your boat part’s surface and cling indelibly. It lasts significantly longer than traditional paint for this reason.
  • Flexible: Since powder coating is made of tough but flexible plastic, it doesn’t crack. This makes it more durable, especially when the part is near the vibrating engine or could potentially come into contact with debris. Avoid damage by powder coating your boat’s parts, especially those that might touch water or be located very near the engine.
  • Something has to protect the boat parts from the water: Whether you’re at sea or in freshwater, paint and metal don’t last long in the water. From corrosion to rust and other irritating issues, your boat can age well before its time. Powder coating your boat parts is a great way to give them an additional layer of protection, which will help the boat last for years. Since it’s made of tough, durable plastic, this can add years to your part’s life. Not only does it shield the boat from problems lurking within the water, but powder coating your boat is also a great way to make sure harmful chemicals don’t leach out into the water.
  • More colors: There are over 500 shades of powder coating colors, all of which are environmentally friendly and do not release hazardous chemicals or carcinogens. Since you’re taking your boat out in nature, that’s an important consideration—but you don’t have to be limited by your eco-friendly preference.
  • Cost-effective: Powder coating lasts a long time—longer than traditional paint by far. This means that not only is it cost-effective to powder coat your boat parts in Washington, but you’ll also save time and money because the finish itself lasts longer.

Marine powder coating in Washington

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