How Long Does Powder Coating Last?

Powder coating is a fantastic option for painting both interior and exterior metal surfaces. One of the reasons folks choose it over other methods is because of its longevity. If applied correctly, powder coating can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. Continue reading this post from your favorite powder coat contractor in Washington to learn everything there is to know about the lifespan of powder coating.

Getting the most out of your powder coat

To ensure the powder coat lasts for as long as possible, it’s essential that the surface is treated prior to application. Pre-powder coating treatment includes stripping any existing coating and corrosion and then a thorough cleaning of the bare metal. Neglecting to get rid of old paint or rust will result in chipping and a short lifespan of your new layer of powder coating.

The different types of powder coating

All powder coats aren’t created equal, and some types are better suited for certain projects than others. Here are the different types of powder and their applications:

  • Epoxy: Epoxies are incredibly durable and resistant to chemicals and corrosion. However, they don’t handle the sun’s UV rays too well. For that reason, painting contractors prefer to use them indoors, where the sun can’t fade the powder. If you really want to use an epoxy powder for an exterior project, we recommend covering it with a UV-protectant top coat.
  • Polyester: Polyesters come in a wide range of glosses and colors, which makes them a prime choice for any sort of indoor or outdoor project. Additionally, they’re resistant to corrosion, chemicals and UV rays.
  • Urethanes: Urethane powder is very similar to polyester, but it’s slightly better at resisting chemicals. These powders are also slightly harder, which also means that you have to pay a bit more for them.
  • Fluoropolymers: Superb resistance to all sorts of weathering makes fluoropolymer powder an excellent choice for outdoor projects. Additionally, certain fluoropolymer powders have 20-year warranties if they’re applied by a professional.

Do I need a fresh coat?

Even if it hasn’t quite been 20 years yet, it might still be time to have your surface recoated. Here are a couple of signs that it’s time to call a powder coat contractor in Washington:

  • Fading: Your powder is bound to fade over time, especially if you apply epoxy on an exterior surface. If your surface or object is starting to look a little dull, it’s time to strip off the old powder and apply a new one Our professionals can quickly complete this task and ensure it looks as good as new.
  • Chipping: Though the powders we use are incredibly durable, they can still start to chip. Sadly, once chipping begins, it’s impossible to stop it from proceeding. The best thing you can do is nip it in the bud and recoat at the first sign of chipping.
  • Corrosion: Rust tends to develop on exterior surfaces, and it’s quite unattractive. As soon as you notice any sort of corrosion, it’s a good idea to remove it and recoat the surface.

Is it time for another powder coating job? Then pick up the phone and call our pros at Powder Vision Inc. If you’re looking for a job well done at an affordable rate, you’ll soon see why we’re among the premier powder coat contractors in Washington!