Can You Recoat or Apply Powder Coat Over Painted Metal?

So, your powder coated object is starting to look a little faded or chipped. Your first instinct might be to simply have it recoated. After all, everything should be fine if you use the same color, right? Not quite—recoating or powder coating over painted metal can lead to disaster if proper steps aren’t followed. The surface can start to chip prematurely, and the metal powder coating in Washington won’t last as long as it should. Continue reading to learn more about this process!

Steps for proper recoating

Instead of adding a new layer of powder coat to an existing one, here are the steps you should follow to ensure that the surface looks great and the powder coat lasts for as long as possible:

  • Stripping: First, get a sandblaster and get rid of all the old paint and any corrosion that developed on top of the surface. Any powder coat that’s applied over existing paint or rust will chip off sooner rather than later.
  • Cleaning: After all of that old paint is gone, clean the surface with tri-sodium phosphate and a power washer. This powerful solution will get rid of any grease or contaminants that could cause the new powder coating to flake off or look shabby.
  • Painting: Be sure to use the right type of powder before applying it. Different types of powder are meant for different objects and materials. For example, you wouldn’t want to use epoxy for an outdoor project, as epoxies tend to fade in the sunlight. Your powder coating professional will know which powder is going to work best for your project.

Why choose Powder Vision Inc.?

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  • Beautiful colors: From ruby reds to sapphire blues and everything in between, we can apply practically any color you can imagine. All of our powders will look amazing once the job is done.
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Don’t choose anyone but Powder Vision Inc. the next time you need metal powder coating in Washington! Give us a call today to get a quote or to learn more about all of our fantastic services.