How Long Is the Process for Powder Coating in Washington?

Are you considering powder coating in Washington? If so, it’s important to know how long this process takes. While this process can be much quicker than traditional painting, there is some prep work and cooling time involved. Still, it typically proves to be a simpler, more effective process for finishing many items.

If you are going to use powder coating in Washington, keep the following tips and timeline in mind. For additional information, contact your local experts in powder coating in Washington:

  • Preparation: Before they can be powder coated, many items require preparation. This allows the coating to better cling to the object and create a more appealing finish. This preparation process may involve sanding, cleaning or heating. How long this takes depends on the condition of the item, its size and the desired finish. Often, an item is prepped for powder coating in Washington by blasting it and then treating it with a metal prep solution.
  • Rinsing: This step is usually fairly quick. The item is rinsed of the solution used to prepare it and washed clean of any remaining debris.
  • Drying: After an object is prepped and rinsed, it must dry properly before the powder coating in Washington is applied. This can happen in just a few moments with the use of power dryers.
  • Powder coating: This application process typically occurs through electrostatic spray deposition. This application involves using a spray gun to apply the coating. The gun applies an electrostatic charge to the particles of powder. These are attracted to the part due to the charge. This process can be used to powder coat metal and non-metallic objects.
  • Curing: Another step in the process of powder coating in Washington is curing the metal. The temperature that the metal must reach for curing depends on the powder material you will be using. This curing application process is usually fairly quick. Typically, the object is heated for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Cooling: After the 10 to 15 minutes of curing, the item is removed from the oven and cooled. After a safe temperature is reached, the object can be used immediately. Cooling efforts can be made to speed up this process even more.
  • Variations: Of course, this process varies depending on the method of powder coating in Washington that is being used, the type of object that is being coated and the size of the object. The thickness of the coating also affects the timeline.
  • Expertise: The knowledge and skill of the technician also affect this timeline. One who is experienced at powder coating in Washington can quickly and efficiently complete this process, coating many items each day. Modern machinery also helps speed up this process.

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