Are There Any Colors That Are Harder to Powder Coat Than Others?

If you’ve ever painted a room, you know that painting over a dark color is challenging. After four coats of beige, you might still see that bold red shining through. Finding the right color for that room can also be a challenge. If you want to perfectly match the blue in your comforter, this could be difficult to accomplish. If you’re considering powder coating, you might be wondering if similar difficulties arise with various colors. Your powder coating shop in Washington is here to help.

The truth is, powder coating objects offers many advantages over traditional paint. However, some colors do pose greater challenges than others. Following are the top three:

  • White: Did you know the human eye is more sensitive to differences in white colors than other shades of color? Due to this sensitivity, it can be challenging to color match in the white spectrum. If you want to achieve a particular white on an item with powder coating, it can prove difficult to get an exact match.
  • Strong colors: Colors that are very strong, such as reds, purples and bright yellows, may take longer to match. This is due to the pigmentation required to achieve the color. These pigments can affect the coating and its properties. This means the technician who is completing the task of color matching must be careful to balance the performance of the coating with the color. He or she must maintain durability and temperature resistance while adding the appropriate pigment to create the desired color.
  • Special effects: Have you ever seen an object that is coated with a metallic finish or sparkly paint? As you move around the object, you may have noticed that the appearance or color looks different from various angles. Because they are not solid colors, different angles and lighting can affect the appearance of the finish more drastically than solid colors. This can make powder coating with special-effects paints more challenging. Care must be taken to apply it in such a way to achieve a consistent coating and appearance.

Color Matching

While some colors and effects may be harder for powder coating shops in Washington to achieve than others, this does not mean they are impossible. In fact, did you know that powder coatings can be created to match the color of a bicycle, car, street sign and myriad other objects? Technicians can also create new colors. Using modern powder manufacturing techniques, your powder coating shop in Washington can create the perfect combination to produce the specific color desired. The computers involved can produce extreme accuracy in a wide range of shades. Technicians can also fine tune as needed, using a light cabinet to confirm the final color match.

Find Your Color

Do you have a special project in mind for your powder coating shop in Washington? The experienced technicians at Powder Vision Inc. have the knowledge and tools needed to create the color you desire. We have been the region’s go-to powder coating experts since 1997. Reach out to our experienced professionals today with any questions!