Why Is Powder Paint the Best for Coating Services in Washington?

Which is better for coating services in Washington—wet paint or powder paint? The goal of both is to protect metals from deterioration. They create a barrier to oxygen so the metal does not rust. Both contain pigments, resins and additives. The main difference in their makeup is solvent. Wet paint has it, while powder coating does not.

This differentiation may seem slight, but it creates two distinct products. Due to powder paint’s ingredients and resulting characteristics, it offers several advantages over wet paint:

  • Better performance: Powder paint is more durable. It is more resistant to wear and tear such as chipping and scratching. This is due to the curing process, which creates thermal bonding. Powder paint can also be applied in thicker layers than wet paint, creating a better barrier to protect the metal to which it is applied.
  • Better color retention: Over time, exposure to sunlight and moisture begins to break down the resins in coatings. This process is called chalking. It causes the pigment to fade. Eventually, it also begins to wear away the surface of the coating. Powder paint offers better chalk resistance to maintain color and protection longer.
  • Better safety: Powder paint offers safer conditions for storage and application. Liquid paint is flammable, which poses risk for chemical fires. It is also hazardous for those who apply it, because wet paint emits VOCs (volatile organic compounds). These can cause respiratory problems and other health issues if workers are exposed to them long-term. Powder paint, on the other hand, doesn’t emit VOCs, making it much safer to apply.
  • Better application: Both types of paint are sprayed onto the surface of the metal, but powder paint is easier to apply. It adheres better to the metal, easily forming even coats, while wet paint may drip or sag. Textured finishes are also much easier to produce with powder paint coating services in Washington.
  • Better cost: Initial costs for powder paint may be higher, but they offer savings in the long run. First, the substance can be collected and reused. Material loss during powder coating is typically less than five percent. With wet paint application, approximately 70 percent is lost to overspray. Due to its environmental hazards, wet paint also costs more in insurance premiums, mitigation and other environmental regulation adherence. Additionally, labor costs are lower with powder coating application, because it requires less specialization and can be automated. Lastly, powder coating offers cheaper disposal. Less is thrown out, and the material that is thrown away does not fall under the same strict environmental controls as wet paint.

To take advantage of the many benefits of powder coating services in Washington, contact the experts at Powder Vision Inc. We specialize in this time- and cost-saving process, to give you a lasting coating that effectively protects your metal. Our projects include residential, commercial and industrial powder coating of a full range of items, from car parts to patio furniture and more. Contact us today to get started!