Can You Paint Anything with Powder Coating in Washington?

Powder coating is a modern method of painting that offers several advantages over wet paint. With so many benefits, one might wonder why wet paint is still used at all. Can’t we simply powder coat everything? To answer this question, we must first understand the process of powder coating in Washington.

What is powder coating?

Powder coating in Washington is the process by which dry powder is applied to material to protect it from environmental exposure. To apply the paint, the technician shoots the powder through an electrostatic gun onto the product. When it leaves the gun, the powder has a negative charge. This attracts the paint to the grounded part, creating a quick, even application. After the powder coating is applied, the item is cured in an oven. This heating gels the powder, creates thermal bonds and produces a hard, smooth finish.

Can you powder coat anything?

As you can imagine, this process exposes the coated material to extreme temperatures. Parts are baked at more than 400 degrees. Many materials, such as plastic, rubber or wood, would be destroyed by this process. To use powder coating in Washington, the product must be made of metal. This will allow it to survive the high temperatures required for powder coating.

A second limitation of powder coating is space. Any item that is powder coated must be placed in an oven for curing. Therefore, items are limited in size. Locations with larger ovens can accommodate more items, but they are still limited to products that can fit in the oven.

Do parts have to be in perfect condition to powder coat them?

Before parts are powder coated, they should be clean and free of rust. They do not have to be brand new or perfect, but the surface should be prepped for proper adherence of the powder coating. Typically, parts are sandblasted and inspected to ensure dirt, rust and old finishes are removed. If contaminants are left on the material, it will interfere with the powder and weaken its bond to the metal.

What if parts have been previously powder or wet spray painted?

Parts that have a previous coat of powder or wet paint can be re-treated. A fresh coat of powder paint can be applied, or technicians can sandblast a previous coating of wet spray to prep the material for powder coating in Washington.

What if I want only partial coating or multiple colors?

Powder coating in Washington offers flexibility. Technicians can mask off any places that you do not want coated. They can use the same method to apply multiple colors to a part. Each color is applied one at a time, while masking off the other areas.

Who should I contact for expert powder coating?

Powder coating in Washington is a quick and efficient method for protecting your metal products. To take advantage of the many benefits of powder coating, contact the experts at Powder Vision Inc. Our experienced technicians will partner with you to create smooth, solid protection for your products. Reach out to us today to get started.