Ask a Powder Coating Shop in Preston, WA About Situations That May Call for Sandblasting Services

Do you have outdoor metal furniture that’s been ravaged by the elements? Could your driveway use a serious cleaning? For these projects and others, the sandblasting method may be what you are looking for. Fortunately, any time is a good time to ask a powder coating shop in Preston, WA about situations that may call for residential or commercial sandblasting services:

  • Rusted metal: Anyone who’s ever left anything metal outside can attest to the weather playing a big roll in rusting things up. Even outdoor metal patio or deck furniture that’s treated to survive the elements can fall victim to rust over time. Meanwhile, rusted exterior pipes can stop functioning properly, which can lead to pipe and indoor water fixture leaks. But you can save money on full replacements by choosing to sandblast rusted patio furniture to reveal a new layer of nice looking metal, as well as by catching outdoor pipe issues early.
  • Repainting a house: Adding some touch-up paint to a small area or completely repainting your house or commercial building calls for stripping away the old paint before applying the new. Since paint tends to warp, bubble, peel or literally melt into the siding—no matter if it’s super old or only a few years—sandblasting to remove small signs of remaining paint particles and other debris is a good move. Additionally, scraping paint off by hand is a lot of work, taking up your time and is less efficient at getting rid of the paint you don’t want anymore.
  • Installing windows and doors: Most all buildings will eventually need door and window replacement. When the time comes, make sure you do it right—this includes removing all debris around the area from which your old window or door came out, as you want a clean and smooth insert. If you’re not sure how to sandblast, ask a local powder coating shop in Preston, WA about professional sandblasting services.
  • Dirty concrete surfaces: Although your home and business walkways, patios, driveways and sidewalks are meant for heavy foot traffic, that doesn’t mean they have to look like it. By doing it yourself or hiring a professional, you can rid your life of eyesores like set-in stains, paint drippings, years worth of dirt and dust and tree sap, as well as blast away old patio paint or glue left behind after tile removal. During these warmer months, consider adding the cleaning magic of concrete sandblasting to your outdoor to-do list.
  • Restoring auto parts: Our vehicles are subjected to all sorts of weather, chemicals and road conditions that can cause damage to parts—like rust, corrosion and accumulated chipping. For example, if you live in an area that sees snow and ice, then your car’s wheels and bumpers are likely to show signs of exposure to road salt. Off-roading vehicles will also encounter kicked up rocks, dirt, dust and other outdoor debris that can scrape car parts.

At Powder Vision Inc., we provide sandblasting services for many types of household and commercial projects. Contact our powder coating shop in Preston, WA today to learn more about how we can help you.