Why Invest in Staircase Powder Coating In Preston, WA?

Pinterest boards and home improvement sites praise the aesthetic benefits of staircase powder coating in Preston, WA and around the country. Anywhere that features harsh temperatures can also benefit from powder coating. However, the advantages of powder coating go way beyond appearance. Since staircases can be a cause of structural issues and accidents, powder coating can also help keep them safe. Here are four reasons why you should invest in staircase powder coating.

Structural integrity

Many lawsuits can arise from the humble staircase. If it is not maintained or repaired, people can get injured or, in the best-case scenario, you lose access to the porch or room the staircase would normally take you to. Putting a powder coat on an outdoor staircase protects it from outdoor elements, especially extreme heat and cold. It also seals when rain or hail assault the outdoors, keeping the staircase safe for warmer weather and outdoor activity. Powder coat a staircase in a basement or other less-controlled indoor atmosphere and you will keep it from suffering corrosion.

Maintain color and appearance

Powder coating is a finishing method. This means you apply it when a color or texture is already chosen and now you require a protective top coat. Once the powder coating is added, this shielding layer melds with the other surface treatment, which combines the powder coat with the paint without compromising the original appearance. People often complain that water-proofing and other protective steps change the color of their projects. This does not happen with powder coating.

Once combined, it continues to maintain original appearance as rain, snow and bright sunlight beat on your staircase day in and day out. Basically, it adds protection without adding too much shine or other changes in texture once you choose the look for your staircase. Your original choice not only stays intact after painting but through adverse elements as well.

Powder coating is a “green” option

The powder coating process produces no contaminants or adverse fumes. It does not use any solvents which often cause a nightmare for anyone suffering from respiratory issues. Whether you have a household full of people who suffer from allergies or asthma or you just wish to be kind to the planet, rest assured that powder coating is an environmentally friendly process.

A less expensive process

Powder coating is relatively simple and does not require much in terms of equipment or material. It tends to be a quick process, too, and for that reason it is not as expensive as other options when it comes to adding a protective coat to staircases. Also, once it is finished you normally do not have to invest in powder coating again for a while.

Do you need to invest in staircase powder coating in Preston, WA for your deck or patio? Contact Powder Vision Inc. to help your staircase look its best and serve you well with newfound durability. We can also provide an estimate before you make a decision and finalize the budget for your project.