Applications for Commercial Powder Coating in Preston, WA

Consumers are used to considering powder coating for car parts, staircases and motorcycles. However, many businesses prefer commercial powder coating in Preston, WA for its benefits to the profit-inclined. Many of these applications may not be quite expected, and when you start thinking about it, it becomes clear that powder coating is everywhere! Read on to learn about these applications.

Restaurant tables

Summer has arrived, and with it comes outdoor dining. With high use, and some of it not altogether gentle, restaurants need to protect their investment and maintain a place for the outdoor-loving customer to sit. Powder coating chairs and tables protects them from wear and tear and the occasional food or drink spill. If you notice your favorite pub keeps pristine outdoor furniture, it is likely because they hire a contractor to powder coat them.

Sport fields

Those football and soccer lines do not stay there by themselves. The powder that draws them also requires more protection so athletes have guidance during their games. Even if it’s pouring down rain in the middle of a game, the lines will remain.

Park benches

Many of us overlook the humble park bench until we are too tired to keep walking. That bench, however, also takes abuse from sun, rain and snow. Parks services often employ powder coating to give these fixtures extra protection so they can remain intact when we need them.

Outdoor murals

The nice thing about powder coating is that it can add protection without sacrificing color or texture. When a city orders an impressive mural, it wants to preserve it but not at the cost of changing all the colors and the message. Here comes powder coating to the rescue! Not only can it preserve the mural, but it also binds with the original paint in a way so that it adopts that color, rather than overpowers it.


If your commercial enterprise involves hauling canopies to outdoor markets, consider powder coating for your canopy frame. Most are preoccupied with keeping the top from leaking during a rainstorm—however, the frame needs attention too. The exposure to elements, temperature and moisture can lead to corrosion. Without a frame, you do not have a canopy, so consider giving it some TLC with powder coating.

Light fixtures

You likely invested a lot into you business’ exterior. In a hospitality industry setting, such as a restaurant or hotel, a welcoming appearance is essential, and in the dark, that function is left up to your lights. Corroding ugly light fixtures will not help you make this impression and if one of them breaks, you (and your customers) are likely in the dark until you can complete repairs. Give them some powder coating and they will stay intact longer.

Commercial powder coating in Preston, WA preserves business investments. Items that you may never have considered in need of protection before could likely benefit from powder coating. Give us a call to see what we can do to help improve the appearance of your business’ fixtures.