Powder Coating in Preston, WA Is More Popular Than Ever! Here’s Why

The market for powder coating in Preston, WA and across the country has grown at a rapid rate in the last few years. If you’re unfamiliar with the world of powder coating, you might be wondering why that is, and whether powder coating could be the solution to your finishing needs.

Here at Powder Vision, Inc, we’ve been providing powder coating in Preston, WA for almost 20 years, so we’re well versed in the benefits of choosing powder coating. These days, we get potential new customers every week inquiring about how powder coating works and why they should opt for it. We thought we’d put all the reasons together in one place, so that we could refer customers and friends to this handy guide. Read on to learn more about why powder coating in Preston, WA is more popular than ever, and why you should consider it for your finishing needs.

  • Durability: When compared to liquid paint, powder coating is the obviously superior choice for a durable finishing solution. Whether you’re using it for household products or heavy-duty machines, powder coating is a high quality finishing that is resistant to light, moisture, force and chemicals. Powder coating is also popular because it rarely chips or fades. When you choose powder coating as a finishing, you won’t have to worry about updating or replacing it for a long, long time.
  • Environmental benefits: Powder coating is an environmentally friendly finishing choice for several reasons. It has no solvents or VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which can easily dilute and cause pollution. Powder coating also produces less waste than other finishing options, has a higher resistance to harmful chemicals, and is easily recyclable. Finally, the low amount of toxicity in powder coating means it’s not dangerous for workers who work with it.
  • Visual appeal: When a powder coating job is completed, it looks very similar to liquid paint. But unlike liquid paint, it is highly resistant to getting worn or chipped. That alone makes powder coating a highly desirable finishing option for both homes and businesses. Powder coating is also available in a large number of different colors and shades, so you can pick the coating that best suits you.
  • Economic factor: Finally, powder coating has grown in its popularity due to the undeniable economic benefit of using it. Here at Powder Vision, Inc, we pride ourselves on providing highly affordable rates to both residential and commercial customers. And once the powder coating is applied, you won’t have to fix or replace it for a long time, meaning you’ll have one less looming expense to worry about.

If you think powder coating might be the solution to your finishing needs, but still have questions about its efficacy, feel free to give Powder Vision, Inc a call anytime for more in-depth information about its many benefits. If you determine that powder coating is the finishing option for you, we’ll be happy to give you an estimate on both price and timing. We hope this information has been helpful, and we look forward to hearing from you!