Just How Tough is Metal Powder Coating in Preston, WA?

When powder coating finds its way into a conversation pertaining to metal finishing, there’s generally some questions that are raised about its ability to withstand abuse and volatile ecosystems for longer periods of time. People tend to lump powder coating in with painting and spray painting and for good reason: the processes appear to be similar from an outsider’s perspective. But, as any powder coating professional knows, just because they look alike doesn’t at all mean they deliver the same results.

Metal powder coating in Preston, WA far outstrips painting and other spray services in terms of reliability, resilience and aesthetic—especially when it comes to environments where abuse is high, such as on vehicles. But just how tough is it in the grand scheme of things? Take a look at some interesting facts that put powder coating in perspective:

  • Powder coating applications are cured to objects at temperatures that exceed 400 degrees! This means that for the enamel to take hold, it must be heated to extreme heats, where it settles and hardens on the surface of its application. In the real world, you’re not likely to experience these heats, which means powder coating can withstand virtually all temperatures (low and high).
  • Because the powder is cured on, its bonds make it stronger than paint or other coating applications. This means that physical abuse is tolerated to an extreme degree on powder coated applications. Where paints and other finishes might easily flake off or become chipped, powder coating remains resilient.
  • Powder coating is also UV protected, meaning it’s not going to succumb to intense sunlight. You may see paints and other materials fade over time when they’re bombarded by the sun’s rays: not powder coating! Powder coating’s bonds are strong enough to withstand the fading that can be a product of direct sunlight, making it optimal for things like metal patio furniture.
  • Stains and other chemical interactions can quickly make paint jobs and other finishes null if they take root, which is why many people rely on powder coating to remain strong for years and years in environments where staining is a problem. Factory machinery, for example, can experience discoloration via grease or other chemicals if not protected, which is why powder coating remains a supreme option.

With the ability to stand up to just about every external variable that might affect the finish of an item, metal powder coating in Preston, WA is truly a supreme contender for virtually any metal finishing project. If the object being treated can survive the extreme heats used to cure the coat on, the powder coat will return the resilience in kind by protecting that object for years and years to come.

Whether it’s car parts or patio furniture or something in between, powder coating is far and above a tremendous option, if for nothing but its extreme resilience. So, if you’re ever seeking a way to enhance the appeal of an object while also raining the bar for resilience, make sure to stray away from paints and other finishes and pick a powder coating solution instead.