Powder Coating in Preston, WA and its Impact on the Environment

Being kind to the environment has become a high priority for businesses and individuals throughout a vast range of industries. From recycling to minimizing carbon footprints, conserving energy to utilizing more eco-friendly materials, virtually every responsible business in today’s day and age is doing what it can to mitigate its negative impact on the environment.

But what about something like powder coating in Preston, WA? How could a process that involves heating free flowing powder onto metals possibly be eco-friendly? You’d be surprised, actually! Powder coating is an environmentally sound process that has virtually no impact on the environment, making it a clean, safe way to add a decorative sheen to metals, while also reinforcing their resilience!

Minimal impact

The big thing to worry about when dealing with industries that utilize chemicals, solvents and compounds are the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOC materials are often byproducts of certain chemical processes and once released, can wreck havoc on the environment in a number of ways.

Powder coating in Preston, WA is a process that has negligible VOC materials as a result of its application! Furthermore, there’s also a negligible amount of hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), meaning that no byproducts of powder coating are damaging to the environment! Why is this? Because powder coatings contain no solvents, which are the key instigators of VOC and HAP materials!

A clean process

Now, you might think that because powder coating involves dispersal of materials, that some particles may become airborne and unaccounted for. While it’s true that some materials won’t adhere to the surface being coated and fly off into the air, it’s paramount to realize that these materials can be reclaimed when the air is recycled.

Powder coating is done in a specially designed booth that features a closed loop air system. When the process is complete, the air is sent from the booth through a circulation system that involves a hopper, which reclaims most all of the materials still lingering around after the process. What’s more, the powder that’s reclaimed by the hopper can also be reused, eliminating any waste that would have been a concern from discarded materials.

As green as they come

Let’s also take a look at the big picture for powder coating in Preston, WA: the environmental impact of the equipment used to powder coat. This equipment wastes little to no excess energy, which can have a negative environmental impact. And, because powder materials can be reused, there is also no disposal equipment at the back end of the process to create waste in and of itself.

Powder coating is really a process that’s as green as can be—despite the misconceptions that might label it as a wasteful process. With eco-friendly practices and implementations put in place at every step of the process, powder coating is an enabler of environmental relief. And, to cap off an already impressive resume of ecological responsibility, the powder coating process is also qualified to be included in LEED green building plans! How’s that for environmentally friendly?