Five Practical Applications of Powder Coating Services in Preston, WA

Unless you’ve specifically had a need for powder coating services in Preston, WA, chances are that you might not be privy to all of the practical applications that it encompasses. In fact, for many, the process in and if itself might be a bit mysterious, however it’s universally recognized that the results are simply fantastic when accomplished by a professional with experience. Take a look at five practical applications that take full advantage of powder coating services in Preston, WA:

  1. Vehicles: Powder coating a vehicle is a fantastic way to paint it and the powder coating itself can be applied in an endless number of colors. Because powder coatings are extremely durable, this method of painting a vehicle is often touted as one of the best, since the heating of particles causes the finished product to become tough and seamless. Generally, an electrical voltage is applied to the metal being coated, causing powder to adhere to it. Once the powder is settled, the vehicle is transferred to a type of autoclave that heats the particles into a smooth acrylic coating.
  2. Patio furniture: Patio furniture takes the brunt of the elements day in and day out, which means that it needs to be finished with something resilient to withstand nature’s fury. Many people find that having their patio furniture powder coated (assuming it’s metal, of course) does the trick to keep it looking great. Powder coating also helps to preserve the integrity of furniture that is always outdoors, staving off rust and other embellishments that might compromise the comfort and versatility of the furniture.
  3. Architecture: Have you ever seen exposed steel beams in a building that appear pristine and well kept? If so, they’re likely the result of powder coating services in Preston, WA. Powder coating is often used in architectural applications to help preserve the image of exposed frameworks and keep them resilient in the event that they’re exposed to wear and tear.
  4. Appliances: You might not realize it, but many of the appliances in your home have been subjected to powder coating services in Preston, WA. Because powder coating is far more resilient than traditional painting and looks better than unfinished metal, it’s frequently used to add the final aesthetic touches to fridges, ranges, dishwashers and any other metal-faced appliances.
  5. Machinery: For the reasons already listed and more, machinery in an industrial setting is commonly powder coated. Powder coating allows the machines to remain aesthetically pleasing, while protecting them against premature deterioration that can come as a result of intense use. And, powder coating will stand up to intense heat and friction better than traditional paints, making it a no brainer to have expensive machinery powder coated.

These are just five examples of common powder coating applications in the world today—there are so many more spanning a multitude of different industries. You might be in contact with a powder coated material every day and not even know it!