Antimicrobial Powder Coating

What Is Antimicrobial Power Coating? 

Antimicrobial powder coatings offer protection against bacteria, fungi, and mold. This is especially helpful for applications where a surface will come into contact with a lot of people and in the areas of food, medical care, and sanitation. The antimicrobial properties of these coatings reduce the growth of harmful microorganisms on the surfaces they coat, providing permanent protection for the lifetime of the product. The silver ion technology used in these coatings is extremely durable and long lasting. 

Moreover, these coatings also resist the transmission of pathogens from one surface to another. This feature is essential for medical devices such as x-ray machines and surgical instruments. To achieve this, producers must make use of special metals that are known for their antimicrobial properties and low toxicity to human beings. Silver, for example, is used in many antimicrobial powder coatings because it is a naturally occurring element that has been shown to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi. 

Highly Durable  

Antimicrobial powder coating offers high durability which is beneficial for a variety of different applications. It is four to ten times thicker than paint, which means it can withstand knocks and other wear-and-tear that regular paint cannot. This coating can be applied to a wide range of products, including hospital equipment and handrails, fitness equipment, bathroom partitions, steel furniture, domestic appliances and more. It is also available with a wide range of colors and finishes. 

And while antimicrobial powder coating is not new to the scene, its popularity has only grown in recent years thanks to its many advantages over traditional paint. The most impressive part of this high tech wonder is the ease with which you can keep your surfaces looking as good as the day you installed it. The secret is in the formulation of the powder and in the application process. The most effective and simplest way to apply this type of coating is to hire a powder coater with a specialized machine that dispenses the correct quantity of high-quality, high-grade powder for your specific job. 

Easy To Clean & Long-Lasting 

Antimicrobial powder coatings are a great choice for surfaces that need to be cleaned regularly. They do not require the use of harsh solvents or petroleum-based cleaners that can harm the finish. To remove dirt and stains from powder coated surfaces, clean them using a soft brush and a dilute solution of a mild household detergent. For stubborn stains, try using isopropyl alcohol or methylated spirits and then rinse with water. 

In addition to being easy to clean, antimicrobial powder coatings have been proven to kill bacteria, fungi, and yeast for months or even years after the initial application. They are also effective against microorganisms that cause UTIs, tuberculosis and cholera. This type of coating is ideal for healthcare applications and is now being used on hospital equipment, door handles, taps, handrails and much more.