2022’s Top Trends in Powder Coating

Powder coating is a great way to give metal objects a highly durable protective coating that also makes them look great. You might powder coat parts on a custom motorcycle, the wheels on your car, or just about any metal object that you might consider. The many potential uses of powder coating make it highly versatile.

Like any technology, powder coating undergoes continual improvements and gets better just about every year. The following are some of the top trends in powder coating for 2022.

UV-Curable Powder Coating

Heat typically is an element of the powder coating process and works very well with metal objects. Many vehicles and other items are made using molded plastics and other composites that generally suffer damage from high heat.

A new adhesion system that utilizes UV light eliminates the need for high temperatures to create the best adhesion for powder coating. The developing technology could greatly expand the many uses of powder coating.

Many automotive parts and other items use increasing amounts of composite materials. A UV-based powder coating system could make it possible to powder coat far more items and materials with a protective coating done in a variety of colors.

Gelation Process Added to Dry-on-Dry Applications

A new step in the dry-on-dry powder coating process is the first to overcome issues with the primer and topcoat reacting poorly. A new system uses infrared heat that causes gelation and makes the topcoat adhere better.


The gelation process happens after applying the dry base of primer. Once the gelation is done, the technician sprays on the topcoat powder. Then an oven cure produces excellent results.

Increased Use in Skyscrapers

Among the many novel ideas for powder coating is its inclusion in skyscrapers. A special mix enables power-coated parts in skyscrapers to withstand the sun’s harmful UV rays.

The powder coating process is gaining more widespread use in skyscrapers, including two that were recently erected in Seattle and Pittsburgh. The sky-high nature of skyscrapers and the exposure to sunlight makes UV protection especially important to ensure structural integrity.

Greater Compatibility With Electric Vehicles

The drivetrains of many electric vehicles (EV) are lending themselves to the many viable ideas for powder coating. The coating requirements for the drivetrains in EVs are highly compatible with powder coating applications.


Virtually all major automotive brands around the globe have already introduced EV models and are working on new models. As the EV market grows, so will the demand for powder coating for the drivetrain and other parts on electrically powered autos.