Paint Vs. Powdercoat

When it comes to fabrication, everyone has different expectations. In most cases, bare metal is not what you need, and you want to have a finished surface. In this case, you will choose between powdercoating and painting. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, and we will highlight the differences and main features in this blog post.


Is powdercoating more durable than paint? The answer is yes. Powdercoating can create an adhesive and thick finish than lasts longer than painting. As a result, it is more resistant to environmental damage. Painting is less durable, so it is not the best choice for outdoor use.

Environmental Impact

Due to large amounts of volatile organic compounds, drying paint can have a negative impact on both the environment and human health. Conversely, powdercoating does not contain harmful solvents, which makes it safe for both people and the environment.


Nobody wants to waste time cleaning a surface and keeping it in nice condition. Therefore, one of the greatest things about powdercoating is that it is to take care of. All you need to clean it is a soapy water solution and soft cloth. Paint is different as it requires the use of chemical solvents. Also, if paint gets damaged, the entire surface needs to be refinished.


Is powdercoating cheaper than painting? Actually, powdercoating is a little more expensive than painting. Since painting has been around much longer than powdercoating, the materials used for painting are more cost-effective. Manufacturers using powdercoating have to spend a lot of money on expensive spray guns, ovens, hangers, and other necessities. In addition, paint is usually thinned with solvent, which results in a decrease in material cost.

Surface Limitations

Even though powdercoating is perfect for metals, there are certain surfaces that it cannot be applied. One of these surfaces is rubber because powdercoating will melt on rubber surfaces when subject to the electrostatic process. In this case, the painting would be a better choice.

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