Powder Coating Care and Maintenance

From outdoor furniture to appliance components, you likely encounter powder-coated products in your everyday life. While powder coating is an incredibly durable finish, there’s still some simple cleaning and maintenance required to preserve the lifespan and appearance of a powder-coated product. A number of conditions can cause a powder-coated finish to degrade over time, including sun, rain, wind, pollution, cold weather, salt water and more. Here’s a basic guide to powder coating care and maintenance.

Cleaning powder coated surfaces

One of the most basic steps involved in powder coating maintenance is keeping surfaces clean. Always avoid chemical cleaners, since powder coatings are damaged by harsh solvents. Instead, it’s best to give powder-coated items a good soak with a pressure washer to remove dirt and grime that’s built up over time. Always use the low pressure setting, since higher settings can actually strip the coating from metal. Remember to use filtered water, since unfiltered water can leave stains on metal surfaces.

You can also hand-wash products like outdoor furniture or appliances with powder-coated components. Use a soft cloth or brush and mild soap and water to get these surfaces clean. Once you’ve removed dirt and grime, give the entire surface a wipe-down with filtered water.

Protecting powder-coated surfaces

Once you’ve cleaned powder-coated surfaces either with a pressure washer or mild soap and water solution, protecting the finish is an important part of powder coating care. It’s easier than you might think to preserve and protect powder-coated products, even those that are left outside in the elements. Simply give each surface a light wax with the same high-grade, non-abrasive compound you’d use on your car. It’s best to use a brand that contains a UV blocker to completely preserve the color of your items. Give everything a light coat of wax and make sure you wipe off any excess, since it could bake into place and stain your items.

Preventing rust

Powder coating is a common finishing technique for steel, iron, aluminum and stainless steel architectural elements like bollards, fencing and gates. Since these features are likely always exposed to the elements, you should inspect them regularly. Remove surface dirt and debris from these items with a soft brush, then use detergent or mild soap and rinse it all off. If you notice scratches or scrapes in the enamel topcoat, use medium-grade sandpaper to gently scour the areas of damage.

Once all traces of damage, including rust, have been removed, apply a metal primer to the area and your chosen topcoat once the primer is dry. If you spot any areas of rust on metal items, it’s important to remove it right away to prevent further damage—it’s always best to consult a professional powder coating service in cases where damage is extensive.

Powder coating maintenance isn’t too difficult, but it’s essential for extending the lifespan of many items you have around the house or shop. To learn more about how to care and maintain powder-coated surfaces on outdoor furniture, farm equipment or anything in between, contact Powder Vision Inc. for tips from the experts.