Industries That Can Benefit from Powder Coating Services

Are you familiar with powder coating? It’s a special finish for metal objects that offers a lot of protective power. A special powder is applied to a metal surface when the object is dry, then it’s heated to form a strong, durable coating that can protect the object from the elements, wear and tear and more.

While there are plenty of ways to use powder coating services in Washington, certain industries are especially suited to this method. Here are the top industries that can benefit from powder coating services:

  • Automotive industry: Commercial powder coating can be used in a variety of ways in the automotive industry. Some manufacturers powder coat the entire vehicle body, while others might choose to powder coat components like door handles, wheels, hubcaps, knobs and engine components. This helps protect the vehicle and its components from rust and corrosion, but it will also protect them from general wear and tear resulting from daily use.
  • Appliance industry: In years past, many appliances were covered in enamel for protection. That’s a great solution to keep rust and corrosion off a clean, shiny surface. Today, appliance manufacturers use powder coating to finish off the side and front panels on appliances like washing machines, stoves, dishwashers, refrigerators, water heaters and more. If you’re restoring vintage appliances, powder coating is a smart way to ensure the new surface lasts for years to come.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: Believe it or not, powder coating can even help your prescriptions. Using a comil to apply dry powder coatings to pharmaceutical powders helps improve the bulk density and powder flow. Generally, this helps create more precisely milled pharmaceutical powders.
  • Construction industry: Powder coating is UV, scratch and corrosion resistant, making it an excellent way to preserve construction equipment. For the last 30 years, construction companies have been powder coating their equipment to protect it from weather, hot sun and everyday wear and tear. The result is well-preserved equipment that lasts years longer—and looks great at the same time.
  • Consumer products industry: If you’re not in the powder coating industry yourself, you might not realize just how many consumer products use this versatile coating. Bikes, furniture, power tools, lightbulbs, sporting equipment and even writing implements use powder coating. Manufacturers love the clean, durable finish—and consumers love the fact that it makes their products last a lot longer.

One of the biggest benefits of commercial powder coating in Washington is the fact that it’s more environmentally friendly than other ways of finishing products. Liquid solvents, for example, are terrible for the environment. They contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can harm your health as well as your surroundings. Powder coating, on the other hand, emits few if any pollutants. You won’t need to buy special equipment to control pollution—and best of all, there’s very little waste involved. Any excess powder can be collected and used in another project.

If you’re interested in commercial powder coating services in Washington, be sure to call Powder Vision, Inc. We can help you determine whether your products are suitable for powder coating and give you a quote when you reach out.