Benefits of Clear Powder Coating

Clear powder coating is not required for every product or project. However, there are several benefits of clear powder coating in Washington. If you’re considering whether or not to use clear powder coating to finish your project, keep the following advantages in mind.

Improved durability

When you create a product, whether you are making a one-of-a-kind item or are determining the best process for mass production, durability should always be a top priority. You want your product to stand the test of time. Clear powder coating in Washington can help with this. The coating improves durability to help the finished product resist wear and tear and withstand the elements in its environment.

Increased color depth

Clear powder coating can be applied over virtually any color. This helps create durability and protects the color, without altering the color scheme in a negative way. The coating adds depth to the hue. Powder coatings can also be used to create contrast to solid colors as well as generate sparkle on the finish of surfaces.

Oxidation prevention

Metallic products can oxidize over time. One of the benefits of clear powder coating in Washington is the prevention of this oxidation. The coating protects the metal from exposure to moisture, oils and other environmental elements to help prevent damage and to allow the product to maintain its original fresh, attractive finish.

Specialty finishes

The use of clear powder coating allows you to use specialty finishes for your product. You can apply specialty finishes that would not be feasible without the clear coat. This opens up new possibilities for styling, colors and uses for your product.

Efficient curing

The processes of curing and drying are essential aspects of product creation. However, they can also be time consuming. By using clear powder coating in Washington, you can increase the efficiency of the curing and drying process. This will save time and effort, which can reduce production costs.

Material options

Some materials cannot be used effectively without clear powder coating. By applying this finishing coat, you can add more materials to your list of possibilities.

Greener results

One benefit of clear powder coating in Washington that is often overlooked is the reduction in environmental impact. Often, creating products and applying finishes can have detrimental effects on the environment. Fortunately, clear powder coating has less environmental impact that some other manufacturing options. This is a particularly helpful benefit as companies continue to emphasize sustainability and footprint reduction.

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