Got Some Antique Toys You Want to Preserve? We Can Powder Coat Those, Too!

You’ve probably got some powder coated objects sitting around your home or business and don’t even realize it. Powder coating is a process in which an object is sprayed with a plastic-based coating, then baked until the coating is hard. This makes it a great way to preserve vehicles, metal components and other objects like tools, but it doesn’t have to be limited to industrial applications. In fact, antiques in Washington can be powder coated to preserve their functionality and beauty for decades to come. Read on to learn more about the process.

What kinds of antiques and collectibles can you powder coat in Washington?

Antique toys are more popular than ever, thanks to nostalgic YouTube channels and TV shows like Antiques Roadshow. Some people hope that their old childhood wagon might be enough to bring in thousands of dollars, while others just want to preserve their favorite collectibles for future generations.

Generally, you can powder coat anything metal. Vintage bikes, tricycles, wagons, tools, playsets and more can be powder coated. This will help preserve them and keep their paint looking fresh for years to come.

How powder coating helps preserve metal objects

Powder coating isn’t like spray paint, which can easily fade, chip or crack. It’s often used in industrial applications because it creates a smooth, thick finish that can stand up to the elements or wear and tear. It also helps protect the metal underneath from rust and damage.

When you powder coat a metal object, the coating material bonds to itself and the metal to form a thick, smooth and uniform coating. This not only helps cover up damage it has already sustained, but will protect the metal from chips, scratches and other damage. That’s ideal if you’re hoping your grandkids will enjoy your 1960s tricycle as much as you did.

What to expect from powder coating

Here’s a closer look at some of the factors you’ll want to understand before powder coating your collectibles in Washington:

  • Limited color choices: Generally, powder coating shops have a limited range of paint colors. If you have your heart set on a particular color, you may need to special order the color through the shop. If you’re flexible, however, you can save money and get that durable finish.
  • Turnaround can vary: Depending on how busy the shop currently is, you might wait anywhere from a day to several weeks. Make sure you book a powder coating appointment long before any deadlines or special events—if you need the object for a particular purpose, contact your local shop right away.
  • May require sandblasting: If your collectible is particularly dirty, it may need to be sandblasted before it can be powder coated. This will cost extra, so be prepared.
  • It will cost more than paint: Finally, powder coating is more expensive than paint because it’s so durable. Some shops have minimums, so you might want to collect several items to powder coat all at once.

Are you interested in learning more about how powder coating can help keep your antique toys looking great? Call Powder Vision Inc. at our Washington shop today.