Is There Any Wet Paint That Is Better Than Powder Coating?

For decades, the prevailing theory has been that wet paint is the best solution when you want to add a dash of color and a thin layer of protection to projects of various types. While there are benefits of wet paint in Washington, the process often pales in comparison to powder coating’s strengths.

What is powder coating?

There are two primary methods for applying a powder coating: thermosets and thermoplastics. While the distinctions are important to a professional, both processes involve spraying a powder coating onto various metal parts. Once they’re covered, the powder-coated parts are cured at high heat to essentially bake the powder coating onto the components in a thin shell.

Incredible efficiency

When it comes to efficiency between the processes, the benefits of wet paint in Washington can’t even begin to compare. The heat applied to your part during the powder coating process causes the powder to permanently bind with your piece, creating a thin protective shell that covers your part entirely in a way that paint can’t accomplish.

Add to that the powder’s ability to be repurposed for other projects, and you’re looking at a 95 percent improvement in efficiency over traditional wet paint.

More bang for your buck

When you opt for a powder coating finish, the result is a protective layer that beats wet paint 10 times out of 10. The powder coating shell lasts up to three times longer than a paint job. It’s also more resistant to cracks and chips by a significant margin. That means you spend less of your valuable income worrying about the look and feel of your powder coating job.

Quicker and easier

To get the most from a wet paint job, you must expect that two coats will need to be applied in addition to a primer and perhaps a sealant. Powder coating, meanwhile, is most commonly a one-and-done operation. That is, one coat and the job is complete. Add another 10 minutes in the oven and you’re ready to go. That saves you valuable time.

An even finish

To achieve a smooth finish with wet paint, a professional needs to apply several coats. Even then, you can’t be sure that the final product will come out smooth and professional-looking. With powder coating, however, you can rest assured that your metal piece will get an even coat, every time.

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