Customize Your Ride: Auto Parts That Can Be Powder Coated

Car enthusiasts love finding ways to make their vehicle stand out from others on the road. Sometimes it’s a slick paint job; other times, it’s aftermarket parts and kits to increase performance and appeal. But have you ever thought about powder coating auto parts? Not only is it a practical way to customize your car, it’s actually a great way to ensure it stands up to Washington weather and rough terrain.

Before you start imagining a car that’s protectively powder coated from top to bottom, realize that not every part of a vehicle can benefit from this type of customization. In fact, only specific auto parts can be colored and coated through this special procedure.

What auto parts can be powder coated? Keep reading to learn which ones and why these benefit from powder coating, while others don’t.

Parts you can powder coat

Wheel rims, oil pans, brackets, roll bars/cages, springs, struts and chassis parts are all common candidates for powder coating. A powder coating professional can paint these parts any color you want, lending some neat accents to your vehicle.

Notice the commonality these parts have? They’re all made of metal. That’s not a coincidence—only parts that can hold an electrostatic charge can be powder coated. That means parts like your carbon-fiber hood, plastic bumper kit or fiberglass fin can’t be powder coated. You’ll have to settle for traditional spray jobs for anything non-metallic.

Why powder coat auto parts?

Powder coating auto parts isn’t just a way to make them look cool. As part of the powder coating process, these parts are cured at high heat, which bakes on the colored enamel into a protective coating. Unlike traditional paints, a powder coating won’t chip, scratch or wear down. It’s strong and durable, even in the most rugged conditions.

This is why so many auto enthusiasts choose to pay for powder coating over traditional paint jobs—especially for undercarriage and wheel components. Imagine the embarrassment of rolling up to an auto show with painted rims that are chipped and scuffed by road debris! A durable powder coating on your metal surfaces ensures your car’s customizations stand strong and look great.

In Washington especially, vehicle owners truly reap the benefits of powder coating auto parts. The rainy weather of the Pacific Northwest is enough to take its toll on vehicles—loose stones kick up into the undercarriage and slick road conditions add to the wear of ground-level parts like rims and exhaust parts. Powder coating adds the extra layer of protection these parts need.

What will you powder coat?

When you consider all the metal parts on your vehicle that could use some extra protection (or cool customization), there’s no shortage of options. Which ones will you customize? Now that you know what auto parts can be powder coated, the decision should be easier! From rims to exhaust components, roll bars to brackets, shocks to struts and just about anything else that can hold an electrostatic charge, the options for customization are plentiful. Reach out to Powder Vision Inc. to learn more about what we can do for you.