How Rust Affects Powder Coating in Washington

Powder coating is a popular option for people who want to paint parts and components on various kinds of systems and vehicles. Regardless of what you want to powder coat, it’s important to take the condition of the component into account before you invest in these services. If your part or product has experienced some rust development, you need to consider the ways that rust can affect powder coating in Washington. Read on to find out more about powder coating and surface rust, and what you can do to ensure a quality powder coating application.

Can you powder coat over rust?

Rust is a very common problem with metal materials and components, especially in metals that are constantly exposed to the elements. The presence of moisture in the air promotes a reaction in some metals that leads to rust development. Typically, rust starts out small, but it can quickly develop into a much bigger issue that covers the entirety of a metal surface or component. A lot of people think that powder coating over rust will stop its development, but the reality is that rust can continue to grow even after a component has been powder coated. If you powder coat over rust, chances are, the rust will grow and begin to develop over the powder coat.

Ensuring quality powder coating

When you are considering powder coating for your part or component, you need to take the condition of the material into account. If you see signs of rust or you are concerned about other issues with your metal component, you need to consider these things before you invest in powder coating in Washington. You need to take care of rust removal, cleaning and other maintenance to handle the issue before you schedule powder coating service. If you powder coat a component that is in poor condition or disrepair, those issues are going to persist even if you manage to improve the appearance of your metal part.

If you want to avoid the issues associated with rust and powder coating in Washington, it’s important to choose a powder coating shop that you can rely on for quality services. Make sure to work with the shop you choose to discuss the specifics of the component or material that you want to have powder coated. An experience powder coating technician will assess the condition of your component and ensure that there isn’t any rust present before it is treated. Do your research to find shops that have a good reputation for quality work and personalized customer service so that you can ensure the best results for your component.

Learn more about powder coating in Washington

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