What Is Powdered Paint Made Of?

There are several paint options to consider when restoring an old car, motorcycle or the outdoor furniture you have at your home. Powdered paint is ideal for improving the look of most metals, and is applied in powder form before it is sealed to the surface using heat. It’s the best paint choice for those refurbishing anything that needs a tough finish to withstand the elements of the outdoors, as it will leave you with results that are designed to last. If you’re interested in learning more about powder coating in Washington and how your future restoration projects can benefit from its use, you’re in the right place.

Powdered Paint Ingredients

The main ingredients in powdered paints are pigments, which is available in hundreds of colors. Several pigment colors can also be combined to give the finished product a blended or bleeding effect. In addition to pigment, powdered paint is also made up of specialized resins and fillers that are designed to fuse together during the curing process.

How the Powder Is Created

In order to create the powder used in the coating process, the ingredients are first placed into an industrial mixer before it’s heated until it becomes a liquid. This liquid mixture is then rolled out and cooled until it hardens. It is then broken into small pieces so that it can be milled and sieved into a fine powder that is then used for powder coating and painting.

The Curing Process

Curing is the heating process that solidifies the powder, ultimately completing the powder coating procedure. This is achieved by using particles that are all electrostatically charged, forcing them to cling to the metal surface of the piece or pieces being painted. During curing, temperatures reach an average of 350 degrees and then fuse all of the particles together to leave a thick, hard finish. Results are flawless, as this painting technique avoids the dripping or running that can occur when other painting methods are used.

Advantages of Powdered Paint

Many people choose powdered paint over other kinds of paint as it’s an environmentally friendly process, releasing very little volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Other reasons powder coating is preferred is because the process is faster and can be painted both horizontally or vertically without affecting the results. Those looking to customize their vehicles often choose powdered paint, as it allows for professionals to achieve certain effects and custom colors that liquid paint just can’t create.

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