How Durable Is Powder Coating?

If you are exploring using powder coating in Washington for nearly any project, you may be wondering what kind of durability and longevity you can expect to see from the finished coat. Powder coating is known for its versatility and durability, but it’s not a panacea. Understanding how powder coating works and how it both protects and affects the surface you are employing it on is essential before moving forward with hiring a powder coating contractor for your commercial, residential or personal job.

Powder coating is an innovative paint and sealant alternative that is applied as a free-flowing powder that is then heated. Once heated, the powder melts and forms a hard, durable shell that protects your surface or object! While powder coating is not impenetrable, it does an excellent job of keeping your object or surface totally free of moisture and contaminants.

Here are just a few things to keep in mind when considering the durability of powder coating in Washington:

  • Powder coating can chip: While powder coating in Washington is known for its durability and flexibility, it can still chip and crack if not handled carefully. It is a much more durable coating solution compared to paint, but it is not invincible.
  • It’s not for every material: Powder coating in Washington makes for an excellent solution for a wide range of materials, including metals and most woods. It’s not for every surface, however, and it’s important to only apply it to things that can take the heat.
  • Powder coating doesn’t hide all flaws: While discolorations and small surface abrasions may be able to be covered with a coat of powder, it’s not a suitable solution for deeper gashes or more serious surface wounds on your desired object.
  • It requires a curing time: Powder coating in Washington doesn’t need to dry, but it does need to cure! You should expect your powder coating contractor to have your object for a considerable amount of time, because it must be suitably heated and cooled.
  • Powder coating doesn’t stop all rust: While powder coating is excellent at keeping moisture out of places it shouldn’t be, it’s not capable of stopping all rust. You should always treat and prime your objects for rust and corrosion before applying powder.

When working with a qualified powder coating contractor, you can use this amazing material to cover your desired surfaces in a way that is both effective and cost-efficient. Powder coating can help you make the most of your assets, and keep them looking great for years to come.

For more than two decades, Powder Vision Inc. has been offering some of the most comprehensive services relating to powder coating in Washington. Our knowledgeable technicians are capable of providing your surface with a long-lasting solution that will help protect your assets and keep them looking their very best. If you are wondering if your surface is powder coating-safe, or if you are simply wondering how powder coating may be able to help you, you should reach out to one of our helpful professional associates today to learn more!