Use Powder Coating to Protect Old Metal Parts on Boats

For some marine applications, traditional paint jobs can be flaky, unreliable and less than durable. This can pose challenges to your watercraft that are more than aesthetic in nature—boats with flaking paint jobs are susceptible to rust and other forms of accelerated degradation. If you are ready to consider a longer-lasting boat painting alternative, you should see if powder coating in Washington is right for you and your vessel.

Powder coating is applied to metallic surfaces as a loose, free-flowing powder, and then treated with heat, which binds it into a hard, colorful shell. You can count on powder coating in Washington to provide your boat with a solid, dependable exterior that will keep it in its prime condition for an extended period of time:

  • More durable: Paint jobs are notoriously fickle, especially for boats and other marine appliances. Whether you use your watercraft in salt water or fresh water, you need to ensure that its paint is consistently updated and maintained so as not to rust out your boat’s components. Powder coating in Washington forms a hard shell on your watercraft, meaning that it is more durable than traditional paints.
  • Faster turnaround: There is a substantially faster turnaround time for watercraft owners who opt for powder coating in Washington over traditional wet painting. Wet painting often requires multiple coats to form an adequate barrier that is even across the entirety of the surface that you need to have painted. When you powder coat your boat components, however, they typically will only need to receive a single coat.
  • Ecologically conscious: Powder coating in Washington is more environmentally friendly for a multiplicity of reasons. Powder coats do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like wet paints do. Additionally, because they form a better barrier, they are less likely to leach chemicals into the water while you’re operating your watercraft. Powder coated components also are less likely to rust.
  • More economical: Because there is less wasted material during the application process, powder coating in Washington is almost always more economical than wet paint in the long run. Additionally, powder coating lasts longer than a traditional coat would, meaning that you won’t have to repaint your components for quite some time. Powder coated boats are less likely to require hull patching and other repairs.
  • Flexibility: Powder coating in Washington is more flexible than traditional paint coats, meaning that it can flex with your watercraft and handle the vibrations of its engines and movements better than a wet coat of paint could. Powder coating also fares much better against rock chipping and other forms of debris damage that can occur out on the open water.

For two decades, Powder Vision Inc. has been providing some of the most comprehensive powder coating in Washington. You can count on our talented and knowledgeable staff members to apply an even, aesthetically pleasing coat of powder coating to your boat or other recreational appliance. We provide powder coating and sandblasting services to personal, commercial and industrial clients! Contact us today to learn more.